October 22, 1952
West Homestead, Pennsylvania


199668th Academy AwardsBest Live Action Short Film“Little Surprises”NOMINATED


1974Death WishFreak #1
1974California SplitLloyd Harris
1975NashvilleTricycle Man
1976Next Stop, Greenwich VillageClyde Baxter
1976St. IvesHood #3
1976Special DeliverySnake
1977The SentinelJack
1977Between the LinesMax Arloft
1977Annie HallLacey Party Guest
1978Remember My NameMr. Nudd
1978Thank God It’s FridayTony
1978Invasion of the Body SnatchersJack Bellicec
1981ThresholdDr. Aldo Gehring
1983The Big ChillMichael
1983The Right StuffRecruiter
1984The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai
Across the 8th Dimension
New Jersey
1985Into the NightEd Okin
1985Transylvania 6-5000Jack Harrison
1986The FlySeth Brundle
1987Beyond TherapyBruce
1988VibesNick Deezy
1988Earth Girls Are EasyMac
1989The Tall GuyDexter King
1989Twisted ObsessionDaniel Gillis
1990Mister FrostMr. Frost
1991The Favour, the Watch
and the Very Big Fish
1992Fathers & SonsMax
1992The PlayerHimself
1992Deep CoverDavid Jason
1992Shooting ElizabethHoward Pigeon
1993Jurassic ParkIan Malcolm
1995Nine MonthsSean Fletcher
1995PowderDonald Ripley
1996The Great White HypeMitchell Kane
1996Independence DayDavid Levinson
1996Mad Dog TimeMickey Holliday
1997The Lost World: Jurassic ParkIan Malcolm
1998Holy ManRicky
1998Welcome to HollywoodHimself
1998The Prince of EgyptAaron (voice)
2000Auggie RoseJohn Nolan
2000Chain of FoolsAvnet
2000One of the Hollywood TenHerbert Biberman
2001Cats & DogsProfessor Brody
2002Run Ronnie Runn/a
2002Igby Goes DownD.H.
2003Dallas 362Bob
2003Spinning BorisGeorge Gorton
2004The Life Aquatic with Steve ZissouAlistair Hennessey
2006Mini’s First TimeMike Rudell
2006Fay GrimAgent Fulbright
2006Man of the YearStewart
2008Adam ResurrectedAdam Stein
2010The SwitchLeonard
2010Morning GloryJerry Barnes
2012Tim and Eric’s Billion Dollar MovieChef Goldblum
2012Adventures in ZambeziaAjax (voice)
2013Le Week-endMorgan
2014The Grand Budapest HotelDeputy Kovacs
2016Independence Day: ResurgenceDavid Levinson
2017Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2Grandmaster
2017Thor: RagnarokGrandmaster
2018Isle of DogsDuke (voice)
2018Jurassic World: Fallen KingdomIan Malcolm
2018Hotel ArtemisNiagra
2018The MountainDr. Wallace Fiennes


1975ColumboProtestorEpisode: “A Case of Immunity”
1976The Blue KnightDaggettEpisode: “Upward Mobility”
1977Starsky and HutchHarry MarkhamEpisode: “Murder on Stage 17”
1980Tenspeed and Brown ShoeLionel Whitney14 Episodes
1980The Legend of Sleepy HollowIchabod CraneTelevision movie
1982Laverne & ShirleyJeffreyEpisode: “Watch the Fur Fly”
1982Rehearsal for MurderLeo GibbsTelevision movie
1982The Devlin ConnectionAlexis PapageorgioEpisode: “The Absolute Monarch of Ward C”
1984The New ShowVarious CharactersEpisode: “#1.1”
1984American Playhousen/aEpisode: “Popular Neurotics”
1984Ernie Kovacs: Between the LaughterErnie KovacsTelevision movie
1985Faerie Tale TheatreBuck WolfEpisode: “The Three Little Pigs”
1986The Ray Bradbury TheaterCogswellEpisode: “The Town Where No One Got Off”
1987HorizonJim WatsonEpisode: “The Race for the Double Helix”
1990Sesame StreetMinneapolisEpisode: “The Golden Cabbage of Snufertiti”
1990FramedWileyTelevision movie
1990-1991Captain Planet and the PlaneteersVerminous Skumm (voice)5 Episodes
1993Lush LifeAl GorkyTelevision movie
1993NovaNarratorEpisode: “The Real Jurassic Park”
1994The StandRadio AnnouncerEpisode: “The Plague”
1995-1998The Larry Sanders ShowJeff Goldblum2 Episodes
1996The SimpsonsMacArthur Parker (voice)Episode: “A Fish Called Selma”
1998Mr. Show with Bob and DavidCivil War Narrator (voice)Episode: “Like Chickens… Delicious Chickens”
2002King of the HillDr. VayzosaEpisode: “The Substitute Spanish Prisoner”
2002Robbie the Reindeer in Legend of the Lost TribeWhite Rabbit (voice)Television short
2003War StoriesBen DansmoreTelevision movie
2003FriendsLeonard HayesEpisode: “The One with the Mugging”
2003-2005Crank YankersProfessor Fermstein (voice)2 Episodes
2004Tom Goes to the MayorBill Joel (voice)Episode: “Toodle Day”
2005Will & GraceScott Woolley3 Episodes
2007RainesMichael Raines7 Episodes
2009-2010Law & Order: Criminal IntentZack Nichols24 Episodes
2011NTSF:SD:SUVGunnar GeirhartEpisode: “Full Hauser”
2011Allen GregoryPerry Van MoonEpisode: “Van Moon Rising”
2011-2012The LeagueRupert Ruxin2 Episodes
2012GleeHiram Berry2 Episodes
2012Susan 313Benny BurnetTelevision movie
2012-2018PortlandiaVarious8 Episodes
2014Monkey LoveRoger (voice)Episode: “It’s a Jungle Out There”
2014Last Week Tonight with John OliverDetective Zach NicholsEpisode: “Civil Forfeiture”
2015Inside Amy SchumerJury ForemanEpisode: “12 Angry Men Inside Amy Schumer”
2016Unbreakable Kimmy SchmidtDr. DaveEpisode: “Kimmy Meets a Celebrity!”
2016United World News Special: The War of 1996, a Special ReportDavid LevinsonVideo short
2016Resurgence: Its Early AlbuquerqueDavid LevinsonVideo short
2016-2017ConanVarious2 Episodes
2017MiyubiThe CreatorShort
2017Tour de PharmacyMarty HassTelevision movie
2018Team DarrylGrandmasterShort
2019Peanuts in Space: Secrets of Apollo 10n/aTelevision short
2019Happy!God (voice)Episode: “Resurrection”



Real Name: En Dwi Gast
Species: Alien + Elder of the Universe


  • User of the Power Primordial:
    • Immortality
    • Master of all games
    • Master strategist and tactician
    • Energy control
    • Size and matter manipulation
    • Ability to “will” the death and resurrection of another
  • Wields Melt Stick


  1. “Jurassic Park”
  2. “Independence Day”
  3. “The Lost World: Jurassic Park”
  4. “The Grand Budapest Hotel”
  5. “Thor: Ragnarok”
  6. “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2”
  7. “The Fly”
  8. “Isle of Dogs”
  9. “Morning Glory”
  10. “Annie Hall”
  11. “The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou”
  12. “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom”
  13. “Hotel Artemis”
  14. “Independence Day: Resurgence”
  15. “The Switch”
  16. “Tim and Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie”

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