Up for: Best Achievement in Sound Mixing

As a personal favorite film of mine from 2009-2010, seeing Transformers make at least one nomination makes me very enthused.

Sad to say, however, anything going up against Avatar in the technical categories (without actually having viewed Avatar at this time) does not bode well for contenders.

Would absolutely love to tack Academy Award winning film to Transformers, but simply do not see that happening up against Hurt Locker & Inglourious Basterds as well as Avatar.

On all other aspects of Transformers 2, I have viewed it three times in the theater, once on Blu Ray, and too many times to count at the video store on the over-heads. I absolutely adore this film and will cheer for Team Michael Bay if ever comes a James Cameron Vs. Michael Bay battle.

What upsets me most? Praising Transformers, but getting bashed by friends and colleagues for the very same aspects that Avatar is praised for. Beauty, action, heart. Just because you never played with the action figures when you were young does not mean you cannot enjoy the films now. Shia LeBeouf is going places if you don’t already think so (ala Wall Street 2), just you wait. Megan Fox? Give her all the grief in the world for being in films for her looks, but let me list off hundreds of other female actresses that are only in films for the same thing, starting with Marilyn Monroe as the first.

Overall, Transformers made my Top 5 favorite films of all time. I will now allow this time for snide remarks.

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