harry-potter-and-the-half-blood-prince1HARRY POTTER & THE HALF BLOOD PRINCE

Up For: Best Achievement in Cinematography

What an odd place for this film to be nominated.
Costume? Maybe.
Visual Effects? Possibly.
Cinematography? …I really do not know…

The fact of the matter is, you watch this Harry Potter film and in no way would I leave a theater saying this film should be up for Best Cinematography. Most of the cinematography seems more of visual effects than actual hands on cinematography. Same with Avatar in that case. If you are considering the camera movements and style of digitally rendered 3D animation as cinematography, then okay, but then why isn’t Up in this category?

Great installment in the Harry Potter franchise. The older Harry gets the more I feel the books match up with the films. They have a darkness to them that the books have, that the early films lacked. The early films had an innocence and child-like feel to them, while the books were dark and foreboding. Not Oscar-worthy however.

Surprised they haven’t ever given Harry Potter a nod for Best Adapted Screenplay. The books are fantastic. What do the screenplays lack that the books have? So many questions. Excited to see how they finish off the franchise.


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