in_the_loopIN THE LOOP

Up For:
Best Writing, Screenplay Based on Material Previously Produced or Published

Never would I have told myself, “Hey, I’m bored, let’s watch In The Loop tonight.” The cover of the DVD was uninviting, the tagline of “British comedy” turned me off, and I had literally heard nothing about it. But the Oscar Challenge makes you watch films you never thought you would see.

My verdict after viewing? Great film. Several occurrences provided for its success in my eyes. First, the reemergence of Anna Chlumsky from her days as the main character in My Girl. She is a) grown-up a lot and gorgeous, b) still able to act. Next, James Gandolfini was dead on. His tough guy persona in the film, mixed with comical dialogue was brilliant and really shows his range of acting (from Sopranos to a British comedy). Tom Hollander played his dumb-guy part perfectly. Peter Capaldi is spot on with his vulgar insensitivity towards everyone. And Chris Addison makes a great film debut.

In The Loop was a great surprise. I do not see it taking home the Oscar, however, but does not take away from its brilliant and dynamic screenplay.

If you enjoy the Office (either the BBC or USA version), then I suggest this film to you.


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