sherlock-holmes-movie-poster_600SHERLOCK HOLMES

Up For:
Best Achievement in Art Direction
Best Achievement in Music Written for Motion Pictures, Original Score

Do not let Sherlock Holmes’ lack of nominations steer you away from viewing this film, it was absolutely wonderful. Of course Robert Downey Jr. was fantastic (having not missed a beat since Iron Man). The film definitely deserves the two nominations it received. Positive that it will not take home either of them, but not for a lack of trying. Art Direction is absolutely stunning in the film. Not easy to make a film that takes place in the late nineteenth century.

Jude Law, Mark Strong, & Rachel McAdams were fabulous in their parts. This film also sets you up for a sequel and again (like Star Trek) I am completely on board with whatever comes next.

Other than that, nothing I can say that I haven’t already (will post my original review soon).


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