bright_starBRIGHT STAR

Up For: Best Achievement in Costume Design

A viewer must be in a right mood to simply sit down and take in Bright Star. Though the costumes were gorgeous and century appropriate, the dialogue and storyline is like reading the poetry that is being presented.

The performances were great. The two leads were wonderful, though the on-screen chemistry was through dialogue instead of physically (which is era appropriate I am sure). Paul Schneider was the best performance to come out of the film, followed closely by Ben Whishaw. Schneider, though not a main character, was dead on with accent, demeanor, and style. When ever there were moments of no Schneider, I was anticipating his return.

Bright Star is a great time piece, but as a film, lacks in engaging you. The entire plot is an on-again, off-again relationship between a poor poet and a woman, who really does nothing but scream, cry, and cut herself.

Bright Star has been the hardest film to watch of all the Oscar movies thus far, but not for a lack of trying more so than just not being my cup of tea. Personal opinion aside, the film was nicely done. Still not sure it will take home Best Costume Design with Young Victoria and even Coco Before Chanel as the competition.



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