the-blind-side-6086-poster-largeTHE BLIND SIDE

Up For:
Best Motion Picture of the Year
Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role

Ask any one of my friends and most likely they can tell one thing… I dislike Sandra Bullock. Recently, her two headline roles have been in the Proposal and All About Steve (to which she won as Razzie Award, the equivalence of worst performance of the year). I was not a fan of either of those films, nor was I a fan of Miss Congeniality (1 or 2), Speed (1 or 2), or anything else she was in: Lake House was bad, Premonition was horrible, and Forces of Nature, not so good.

Needless to say, seeing her name in the nominations for Best Lead Actress made me chuckle. How can you go from worst performance of the year to best in a matter of one film. I was skeptical. Don’t get me wrong, every time a new Sandra Bullock film comes out, I give it a chance because I want Sandra Bullock to sway me. There’s nothing wrong with her, it is just her acting and characters completely and utterly annoy me to where I do not enjoy seeing her films. Never have I met a Sandra Bullock film I liked… Until Blind Side.

The Blind Side was a nice family drama. There is little conflict, which can make for a boring story, but somehow this film survived. My thought is that you get so caught up the real life situation that you put aside the lack of conflict and embrace the warm, comforting feeling you receive throughout the film.

Sandra Bullock was my favorite part. Not only was she stunningly gorgeous (blonde really suits her), I could not wait to see her again. Her character was so confident and striking that you couldn’t help but be turned on by her (not in a sexual connotation). She was fiery and passionate, and everything that has ever been lacking from a Sandra Bullock performance. I believed her. To me, she might as well have been the real thing and loved her for it. Never thought I would say this, but Sandra Bullock finally swayed me to like her (if only just in this film).

Quinton Aaron, the main black character was BIG! But he could not act. You find this out within the first 5 minutes of the film, which was one of the most confusing set-ups to a film I have ever viewed. About four flashbacks in the course of 5 minutes that were unnecessary and added nothing structurally to the film.

In comparison, the young boy in the family, Jae Head, was an amazing actor. He, too, radiated confidence and an understanding for the comic element he was supplying. For a 13 year old kid, he definitely has a long future in the business. I just watched an episode of How I Met Your Mother where this kid made his debut as a kid stuck in a claw machine that Robin is reporting a story on. Great kid.

The other acting parts were minimal but suitable. Tim McGraw was average (did not know it was him until looking at the credits just minutes ago). Lily Collins was good as well for having not been in much.

Overall, this was a great film and I am confident in saying Sandra Bullock deserves the nomination. Everyone has the one part they were meant to play and this one was Sandra’s. The film to me does not scream Oscar Winner and I do not see it winning the title. However, a great family film none-the-less. Do not expect to be amazed by the film as a whole, but enjoy the warmth the film brings and take from it the true story (really enjoyed the footage of the actual people during the credits… I love when filmmakers indulge us).


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