JULY 21, 2010

Interracial buddy cop comedies are done to death. “Rush Hour,” “I-Spy,” “Nothing To Lose,” “Blue Streak,” “National Security.” The newest in the genre, “Cop Out,” brings nothing new to the table. The hype over Tracy Morgan’s original sense of humor escapes me. At least Martin Lawrence, Chris Tucker, and Eddie Murphy were funny in their corresponding parts. Morgan’s acting style reminds me of a mixture between a seven-year-old child and one of the Muppets.

Kevin Smith (“Clerks”) mulls in with this poor excuse for a comedy. The only laughs come from the side characters like Seann William Scott delivering an eccentric performance as a parkour enthusiast thief, causing laughs solely by acting like a child (whispering in Morgan’s ear to keep secrets from Willis and telling knock-knock jokes). Apart from an appearance by Adam Brody and Jason Lee, the areas of the film designated for laughs end up empty-handed.

Unsure of whether this film would be for you? Here’s a list of the recycled storylines used in the film:

  • Buddy cops screw up and are kicked off the force, however, continue to follow a case mistakenly.
  • A black cop is suspicious that his wife is cheating on him so he plants a nanny-cam to catch the act.
  • White cop’s ex-wife’s new husband offers to pay for the daughter’s wedding but white cop must prove himself to his daughter.
  • Buddy cops have rivals in the police department that try to one-up the buddies but in the end, are saved by the buddy cops

Besides the high-definition of the film, your time is better served watching one of the other films listed in the opening paragraph. The actors in those films are worth your time. However, if you would like to see Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan act like middle school children (which there is a middle school child that actually out acts both in the film), then Cop Out is right up your alley.

Here is a fellow blogger (Maddox) that shares my opinion and states so in a humorous way:

February 26, 2010

Kevin Smith

Mark Cullen
Rob Cullen

Warner Bros. Pictures

(for pervasive language including sexual references, violence and brief sexuality)


107 minutes

Dave Klein

Harold Faltermeyer
Malcolm Kirby Jr.

Kevin Smith

Bruce Willis
Tracy Morgan
Adam Brody
Kevin Pollak
Guillermo Diaz
Seann William Scott

Marc Platt
Polly Johnsen
Michael Tadross

$30 million

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