JULY 31, 2020

Fill a room with hilarious actors playing semi-serious roles, fighting to the death and “Operation: Endgame” is the result.

The hardest part of viewing “Operation: Endgame” is deciphering whether the film is trying to be a comedy or an action flick. The wacky characters mixed with sexual tension and action violence make the answer to this question a contradiction: all of the above and neither of the above.

Rob Corddry brings his notable humor to the table, training the new addition, Joe Anderson, to the team of misfit secret agents, all named after tarot cards, working in an underground office. Every single moment of the film is overlooked by the surveillance room, operated by two suit-wearing nitwits, including awkward funny man Tim Bagley. The dialogue between the two men acting as spectators to the endgame proves to be the more humorous parts of the film.

The serious portion of the film involves the head of the agents, the Devil (Jeffrey Tambor) being murdered, starting what is known as “Operation: Endgame,” which involves the agents splitting into two teams and killing one another before the countdown leading to the obliteration of the underground office system comes to an end. The film scatters between different sets of two, as the espionage game begins. Joe Anderson and Odette Yustman share an on-screen romance, all while determining which one is the liar

Adam Scott and Zach Galifianakis play their normal roles, with Scott acting as the up-tight jerk and Galifiankis playing the sensitive and delusional outsider. Ellen Barkin gives up a subtle performance, with references to her age revealing her true purpose in the film.

Though the film would have never stood as a theatrical release, the quality of “Operation: Endgame” is advanced for a straight-to-DVD release and with such a stacked cast, the film simply works. Perhaps the vague genre was intentional to attract an array of viewers, yet Corddry and Galifianakis will prove to be, without a doubt, the selling point of the film.

July 16, 2010

Fouad Mikati

Sam Levinson
Brian Watanabe

Anchor Bay Films

(for strong violence and pervasive language including sexual references)


87 minutes

Arnaud Stefani

Ian Honeyman

Joshua Ferrazzano

Joe Anderson
Rob Corddry
Ellen Barkin
Odette Yustman
Maggie Q
Zach Galifianakis
Adam Scott
Brandon T. Jackson
Emilie de Ravin
Bob Odenkirk
Ving Rhames
Jeffrey Tambor

Sean McKittrick
Michael Ohoven
Kevin Turen
Richard Kelly

$50 million

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