Release Date
September 3, 2010
Robert Rodriguez
Robert Rodriguez
Álvaro Rodriguez
Distributed By
20th Century Fox
$10.5 million
Action, Crime, Thriller
Rated R for strong bloody violence throughout, language, some sexual content and nudity
105 minutes


Director Robert Rodriguez has the touch. Rodriguez has a way of turning a satirical film into a legitimate endeavor worthy of viewing. The absurdity of Machete‘s action (Indiana Jones-ing out a window with a man’s intestines has got to be one of the coolest things I have ever witnessed) and ridiculous situations (Machete getting revenge by making a sex tape with Lohan’s character and her mother) does render Machete novel, but still peerlessly entertains. The fact that Rodriquez was able to make an entire feature film out of a trailer created solely as filler for the intermission between the theatrical double feature of Grindhouse deserves some recognition. Most critics feel the story of Machete was not worthy of a 105 minute feature, however, personally, the film holds its own, remaining unreal, yet unmatched

There are several factors that turn people off of the film (mainly the cast), that to the contrary, brightened the satirical aspect that I was venturing out to see.

  • First, Danny Trejo as a main character. Left to wander in the shadows as a supporting character most of his career, mainly as a big tough biker, Trejo has never truly been given the opportunity to shine. Machete was just the film for him and he filled the part perfectly.
  • Second, the church in arms headed by Cheech Marin. Cheech was featured in the spoof trailer and the fact that he was signed on for the feature film was a staple in making me view the film. The absolute absurdity of the church fighting with guns carries a huge portion of the laughs in the film.
  • Lastly, Lindsay Lohan’s involvement. The mere fact that she plays a character modeled after herself (save for the fact that she is not involved in webcam porn… yet) should give the film some extra watch-ability.

Review the cast alone and try to overlook Machete. With huge stars like Robert De Niro, Jessica Alba, and Lindsay Lohan, meshed with the likes of Danny Trejo, Michelle Rodriguez, and Steven Segal, the film does not lack any sort of star power and that alone should be worth the price of admission. Not that most audiences will gain anything but a few laughs, just being able to see such stars perform in such a fun and unique film, you gain the satisfaction of a truly exclusive experience.

Machete will never be regarded for any sort of performance or logistical nominations, but if Hollywood is looking for ways to entertain audiences without stooping to the “3D propaganda”, Machete is a step in the right direction. Watch the trailer from Grindhouse before viewing the film and take note that Rodriguez recreates every last scene that was promised. The gritty and antique style of the film should be enough to draw audiences, but if anything the inclusion of Alba and Lohan nude should prove advantageous. Rodriguez has proven, just as he did with Tarantino during Grindhouse, that he can successfully revolutionize an art form of the past, like that of the Grindhouse films, making it presently relevant and witty. Now, if we are keeping score, it is time for Tarantino to step in with his retort towards this genre and his one-up on Rodriguez and his Machete.


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