Release Date
August 21, 2009
Todd Louiso
Todd Louiso
Jacob Koskoff
Distributed By
Paramount Vantage
Comedy, Drama, Music
Rated PG-13 for brief sexual material
83 minutes

The Marc Pease Experience

In this underrated piece about a wimpy high school student that chokes during a performance of The Wiz then grows to become an eccentric a-cappella singer, Jason Schwartzman takes the reigns beautifully and as only he can as Marc Pease. Dating present high school student, Meg Brickman (Anna Kendrick), Marc attempts to get his former drama teacher, Mr. Gribble (Ben Stiller) on board with a pending demo tape, funded by the selling of his childhood home. Mr. Gribble wants nothing to do with Marc and when Marc discovers a cassette tape of Mr. Gribble advancing on Meg, Marc is left to choose his future carefully.

Jason Schwartzman delivers a stand-out performance, carrying his oddball humor steadily throughout the entire film. Matching Schwartzman with Stiller strikes as unbelievable and a moment of “why didn’t anyone think of this sooner” emanates. The Wiz was never more entertaining, with Schwartzman finally getting his time to shine during Mr. Gribble’s production eight years after the stage fright incident.

The Marc Pease Experience is a typical underdog story with the atypical Schwartzman at the helm, producing a unique adventure into the life of what appear to be normal people. Without Stiller, Marc Pease would truly feel like the low budget film that it is, but with the star power Marc Pease comes off more like the film Election, with Matthew Broderick and Reese Witherspoon. Regardless of what draws you to the film, The Marc Pease Experience remains a solid little comedic production.



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