Release Date
October 26, 2010
Matthew Bissonnette
Matthew Bissonnette
Distributed By
Strand Releasing
IFC Films
Comedy, Drama, Indie
Not Rated
85 minutes

Passenger Side

Michael (Adam Scott) and Tobey (Joel Bissonnette) are brothers with a strained relationship. Tobey is an ex-addict, on the up-and-up, while Michael is a skeptic and cynic, content in the mediocre life. On his birthday, Michael agrees to drive his brother around Los Angeles, job hunting. What transpires throughout their day ends up far from job hunting as the brothers berate one another and experience a life that Michael is not accustomed to as Tobey tries to break Michael out of his shell.

Adam Scott plays his part masterfully and solidifies that he can wholeheartedly carry a film entirely by himself. Basing the entire film around Scott’s trademarked cynicism creates a genuine Indy classic worthy of mainstream status. The fact that Adam Scott has not made more of a stir in the commercial film world is mind boggling, but to have a star like Scott floating around in the Indy world is a refreshing new experience in many Indy films including his huge success in The Vicious Kind.

Joel Bissonnette, who appears to be the brother of the writer and director, carries his character effectively and matches Scott’s quirky nature, adding his own downtrodden, yet strangely confident flair to the film.

Passenger Side, though not readily available, should be experienced for any Adam Scott fan. The dialogue is a perfect mix of comedy and dramatics, exemplifying the type of role that Scott has coined. I do look forward to Scott’s eventual commercial success, but if he does simply remain in Indy films, I cannot complain and will continue to enjoy his presence. Matt Bissonnette, the writer and director, has a way with creating eccentric characters and fleshing them into realistic everyday people and experiences that clone real life events. With a surprising climax and refreshing performances all around, Passenger Side is a dramatic, indie masterpiece.


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