Release Date
April 28, 2010
Tom Six
Tom Six
Distributed By
Bounty Films
Drama, Horror, Thriller
Rated R for disturbing sadistic horror violence, nudity and language
92 minutes

The Human Centipede (The First Sequence)

Creating cinema is a form of expression for those creatively involved. That being said, I am unsure what “The Human Centipede” is trying to express. Perhaps it attempts to make a statement on how far medical procedures have come or how insane the human condition can become, but the act of sewing three unwilling patients “anus to mouth” to form a living, (somewhat) breathing creature is completely twisted and forces you to check on the sanity of the writers and directors.

That being said, “The Human Centipede” is a film. Being warned off prior to seeing the film, I forced myself into the experience, at least once (and only once). The film is not as grotesque as promised, revealing the likes of a horror thriller with a mad doctor, captives, and a secluded house. Creating my own centipede out of previous titles to classify the film “The Human Centipede” I would kidnap and sew together the gruesomeness of a “Hostel” with the restrictive location of “The Glass House” with the mind and uncontrollable nature of “Frankenstein”.

The doctor (played by Dieter Laser) is outstandingly surreal. The man exhibits the ability to become the character he plays. You spend little time forcing your mind around the possibilities when you see the cemented face of Mr. Laser and his unequivocal competence, which forces the film to garner even the smallest bit of gumption.

The rest of the film is, as other critics have stated, recycled “rubish”. Rent any “Saw” or “Hostel” film and you will experience the core of the film. Sure, the imagery of three people surgically stitched together applies a less broadened anecdote and the eating and excreting sequences will leave you awake at night, the film is nothing more than shock value.

Instead of warning against “The Human Centipede” like those that deprecated the film before my viewing, I will simply state the importance to remember that Tom Six’s creation is just a film and one must detach themselves from reality to completely absorb the film instead of being consumed by sublime fear. Those that worry about the fragile state of the world should steer clear of the imagery and fuel added by “The Human Centipede”. Take the film with a grain of salt and watch what you eat before your viewing.


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