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Movie Review: Halloween 6: The Curse Of Michael Myers (1995)

HALLOWEEN 6: THE CURSE OF MICHAEL MYERS BY CHRISTOPHER HASKELLOCTOBER 17, 2018 “You can’t control evil. You can lock it up, burn it, and bury it, and pray that it dies, but it never will.” — Tommy Doyle (Paul Rudd) For being the sixth film in a series about a masked serial killer wreaking havoc on a small-town, almost no one in “Halloween: The … Read More Movie Review: Halloween 6: The Curse Of Michael Myers (1995)

Movie Review: Dog Days (2018)

DOG DAYS BY CHRISTOPHER HASKELLAUGUST 10, 2018 At the very least, “Dog Days” functions as a public service announcement for failing animal rescue centers and dog shelters. It highlights the painfully obvious necessity to adopt animals in need of a good home. But in every other regard, “Dog Days” is fluff. Having no real bearing on anything, its only real saving grace is that … Read More Movie Review: Dog Days (2018)

Quick Review: Blended (2014)

BLENDED BY CHRISTOPHER HASKELLAUGUST 26, 2014 Looking at the progression from “The Wedding Singer” to “50 First Dates” to the newest installment in the pairing of Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore, “Blended”, it is made painfully clear how far off base the quality of the films have fallen. Where “The Wedding Singer” had likable characters and somewhat edgy jokes, “Blended” has flat, one-dimensional characters … Read More Quick Review: Blended (2014)

Quick Review: Delivery Man (2013)

DELIVERY MAN BY CHRISTOPHER HASKELLNOVEMBER 24, 2013 Sadly, Vince Vaughn’s star is falling. Once on top and in the spotlight of his comedic heyday, “Delivery Man” proves that he’s just not the comedic genius we once thought him to be. Most of this can be placed on the material, with the exact script from a French-Canadian release titled “Starbuck,” written and directed by the … Read More Quick Review: Delivery Man (2013)

Quick Review: Elektra Luxx (2010)

ELEKTRA LUXX BY CHRISTOPHER HASKELLNOVEMBER 3, 2013 “Elektra Luxx” is a mess of a film, never landing on comedy or drama, bordering the line between legitimate and pseudo-pornography, the only thing saving the film is an enormous cast that is almost more enjoyable to watch than to listen or engage. The gorgeous Carla Gugino plays the pregnant pornstar of the film to which we … Read More Quick Review: Elektra Luxx (2010)

Quick Review: The Comedians of Comedy: Live From The Troubadour (2007)

THE COMEDIANS OF COMEDY:LIVE FROM THE TROUBADOUR BY CHRISTOPHER HASKELLSEPTEMBER 15, 2013 The only thing I can imagine that would be worse than seeing this comedy tour live would be sitting at home, watching it on Netflix. At a run-time of two hours and fifteen minutes, and with far too many comics to fit into that time frame, “Comedians of Comedy – Live at … Read More Quick Review: The Comedians of Comedy: Live From The Troubadour (2007)

Quick Review: The Haunting In Connecticut 2: Ghosts Of Georgia (2013)

THE HAUNTING IN CONNECTICUT 2: GHOSTS OF GEORGIA BY CHRISTOPHER HASKELLJULY 5, 2013 Originally titled “The Haunting in Georgia,” for some reason, it became a sequel to the 2009 horror film, “The Haunting In Connecticut,” even though it has no connection to the original besides touting a “based on a true story” precursor like the previous film. Also, THE FILM IS IN GEORGIA, NOT … Read More Quick Review: The Haunting In Connecticut 2: Ghosts Of Georgia (2013)

Quick Review: Evil Dead 2 (1987)

EVIL DEAD 2 BY CHRISTOPHER HASKELLAPRIL 1, 2013 “Evil Dead 2” loses me. I respect the first film from a horror standpoint, but this sequel is too repetitive, too nonsensical, and too trippy for me to stay invested. Several long, point-of-view shots follow Ash (Bruce Campbell) from room to room, breaking down doors, and showing a real sense of choreography. It’s just too bad … Read More Quick Review: Evil Dead 2 (1987)

Movie Review: The Human Centipede (The First Sequence) (2009)

“The Human Centipede” is a film. Being warned off prior to seeing the film, I forced myself into the experience, at least once (and only once). The film is not as grotesque as promised, revealing the likes of a horror thriller with a mad doctor, captives, and a secluded house. Creating my own centipede out of previous titles to classify the film “The Human Centipede” I would kidnap and sew together the gruesomeness of a “Hostel” with the restrictive location of “The Glass House” with the mind and uncontrollable nature of “Frankenstein”.

Movie Review: The Oxford Murders (2010)

Talk about a film that is too smart for its own good. The Oxford Murders makes the average viewer feel isolated and ostracized. Whatever means the producers took to get leading man Elijah Wood on board, they should consider themselves extremely lucky.

Movie Review: Tenderness (2009)

TENDERNESS BY CHRISTOPHER HASKELLAUGUST 21, 2010 Certain films, it appears, exist solely to tease viewers into craving the superior movies in an actor’s annals, all while being forced to endure the detrimental ventures of said actor. “Tenderness” is one of those films. Russell Crowe stars as Lt. Cristofuoro, yet the entire movie, I could not help but re-imagine all the better performances Crowe has … Read More Movie Review: Tenderness (2009)

Movie Review: Finding Bliss (2009)

FINDING BLISS BY CHRISTOPHER HASKELLAUGUST 10, 2010 Without Leelee Sobieski’s beauty, “Finding Bliss” would be a no-go. But can a film truly just rely on someone’s beauty? Obviously, a film can be rated on how well the story is portrayed, the acting, the set design, the directing, the music, the special effects, etc. But I feel as if a film completely relies on an … Read More Movie Review: Finding Bliss (2009)

Movie Review: Group Sex (2010)

GROUP SEX BY CHRISTOPHER HASKELLAUGUST 10, 2010 What do you expect when you prepare to view a film entitled “Group Sex?” Either you’re getting ready for some adult entertainment or you are viewing the new Lawrence Trilling film. The only elements piquing my interest towards the film were (1) discovering a new dimension to the “Heroes” star Greg Grunberg (who plays the lewd, uncensored … Read More Movie Review: Group Sex (2010)