Servants, solids, and floral; this is what make up the costume design in “I Am Love”. The film depicts a group of high class individuals, along with their staffs, dressed to the hilt. Unsure of when this film is supposed to be taking place, “I Am Love” gives off an odd middle ground between past and present, especially through its stellar costume design.

Topping the list of favorite garments included the solid red dress that Tilda Swinton wears to a lunch where she first enjoys Antonio’s exquisite cooking. The way this production is lit, the scene fills the screen with red and proves successful in matching the mood with the dress.

My second favorite is more of a collective garment worn by the Recchi family’s staff, in particular, the maids. I continuously pictured these outfits drawn out on paper, as the costume designers put them together. They built up the film’s strong sense of authenticity, even though, as stated, you never quite sure what time period you stand.

Sadly, “I Am Love” will probably be the last to win the category of Best Costume Design, as all the films in that category are much more provocative and noteworthy. Not to discredit the film and its costume design, however, but from a competitive stand point, “I Am Love” has no chance.



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