Annette Bening won the Golden Globe award for Best Actress, but can she do it again at the Oscars? Personally, I do not see that outcome. Natalie Portman is young and pulls of a bigger feat in her “Black Swan” performance than Bening does in her bitchy lesbian mother performance in “The Kids are All Right”.

The film is strong in its execution, but is that the script speaking or the directing effectively portraying the awkward occurrences throughout the film? Since the film is not up for Best Director, we are left to assume it is the screenplay,as the film is up for Best Original Screenplay. Looking at the playing field, I am afraid “The Kids are All Right” falls to the bottom half of this category, leaving the race up to “The King’s Speech” and “Inception”. Sadly, this drops the family oriented drama out of that race as well.

Props to Mark Ruffalo for making the cut for Best Supporting Actor. Though this performance may not be his greatest career achievement, he still performs successfully and makes the film better for having been the actor cast in the role. That said, Ruffalo will not win. As much as I would love to see Ruffalo holding a gold statue, no such luck as Christian Bale has more than locked his win at the Oscars. Were Bale not win, I would be extremely surprised.

“The Kids are All Right” surprised me by even becoming recognized as much as it was. Each year an original film like this one comes out and each year it appears that it gets glossed over. But not this year. This year, the independent feeling film grabs the audience just as much as it grabs the critics. Though by not pulling off any of its nominations, there is no way this one will win for Best Picture, yet again proving the 10 film category is somewhat a waste.


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