November 2010, the hosts of the Academy Awards were announced. James Franco and Anne Hathaway were the pair that would host the Oscars, but the first reaction from most fans was: “what happens if they are nominated for performances and win?” to which most replies involved the history of the award ceremony and how this has happened before. Well, we know now that Anne Hathaway was not nominated for “Love and Other Drugs” but that James Franco was indeed nominated for his death-defying performance in “127 Hours”. Could we see the host winning the Oscar? In my best guess, I would say: probably not.

James Franco does however prove his status in Hollywood with this performance. He is not just the stoner, party boy from “Pineapple Express” and “Date Night”. Franco puts on his game face and pulls off a stunning performance in “127 Hours”. The fact of the matter is, his competition is stiff. Colin Firth won the Golden Globe this year for “The King’s Speech” and may just well take it at the Oscars. Jesse Eisenberg and Jeff Bridges would probably rank higher than Franco as well. Not to sell Franco short, because he would deserve any sort of win he got from this film, but on Oscar night, the host will not be opening his own winning envelope.

So, does the rest of the film have a shot? Best Original Score, I am afraid, will go to the Nine Inch Nails alumni for “The Social Network” pushing “127 Hours” out. Dido and A.R. Rahman supply the Best Original Song nominee “If I Rise”, which, though inspirational for the film, was just not memorable enough to hold over the likes of Randy Newman.

That leaves Best Adapted Screenplay and Best Film Editing (we will get to Best Picture in a moment). The editing in “127 Hours” is straight from Danny Boyle’s creative and bizarre other-worldly feel that only he seems to influence. That being said, there are simply just too many well edited films this year. “The King’s Speech” and “Black Swan” are just two examples having a better shot. Best Adapted Screenplay also seems unlikely. Again, there are better screenplays up and “127 Hours” will not be able to hold its own.

With the “nay” in almost all the categories it is nominated, “127 Hours” will not be taking home the Best Picture gold this year. But rolling in with six nominations on the big night is something to be proud of and supplies a huge launching pad for James Franco and his future endeavors, as well as another staple-piece in the long line of staple-pieces in Danny Boyle’s continued lineage. This is one of the best films this year that will not win anything on Oscar night.


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