In the spirit of the first film, “Iron Man 2” garners one nomination for the 83rd annual Academy Awards. The original had two, Best Visual Effects and Best Sound Editing, losing to “Curious Case of Benjamin Button” and “The Dark Knight”. This year, “Iron Man 2” falls into one of those categories again: Best Visual Effects, but unfortunately will probably see “Inception” take the award instead.

The graphics are sensational in both films, creating such a real life aspect to the Iron Man suit. Especially in the second installment, where the characters show their faces while in the suits, the mesh of real life with the visual effects comes off seamless. The explosions come off as if they actually occurred, most particularly on the race track when Whiplash first emerges. And the portion of the film where Tony Stark uses his three-dimensional atmosphere computer to flick icons around the room creates an aura of an actually looking into the future of holographic computers.

There is nothing more satisfying than seeing the emergence of superhero films in line with to win the most prestigious awards in the business, showing how far our perception of the genre has come. “The Dark Knight” especially, bridged a gap between fanboys and the average Joe, and the more that comic book adaptations continue this trend, the happier I will be.

No, “Iron Man 2” will not win this year, but as I continue to state, not for a lack of effort. The film is beyond anything we imagined as fans when the first superhero films emerged, like “Batman” and “Superman”. “Inception” truly was the better film this year and at least it will be Christopher Nolan at the helm of accepting the award, the man that continues to make this genre what it truly is.


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