To be completely honest, “The Way Back” is lucky to be nominated for absolutely anything this year. Without the star-studded cast, I feel as though the film would have been dropped at the wayside. Without even any acting awards, the film is barely creeping in, probably majorly due to the lack of makeup driven films this year.

At this point, having viewed all three nominees for Best Makeup, “The Way Back” is probably the last film that will win. The makeup is handled fine, with injuries galore, from blackened toes, to sunstroke stricken faces. But compared to the aging process of “Barney’s Version” and the man to wolf transformation of “The Wolfman”, “The Way Back” just seems minor in comparison.

That being said, “The Way Back” worked fine otherwise and is another film I am grateful for having been directed towards thanks to the Oscar Challenge. However, it will not be taking home any awards on Oscar night.


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