Going into the viewing of the second foreign film of the season, I thought for sure the nomination for Javier Bardem as Best Leading Actor would solidify “Biutiful” as Best Foreign Language Film for sure. Though the film became something completely unexpected, I am wondering if the sheer length and subject matter will alienate the Academy members that view it.

“Biutiful” is a strong dramatic piece, stepping into the life of a father of two attempting to build a better life out of the small means that he has. To the people around him, Javier Bardem’s character is a strong force. People may not understand him or even accept his presence, but he is always moving the chess pieces in his head little by little, trying to help himself and everyone around him.

Javier Bardem’s nomination for Best Leading Actor is exciting. Anytime an actor in a foreign language film can pull off an acting nomination, it means that much more for both parties involved (the actor and the film). View “Biutiful” and you will completely understand the nomination.

Javier Bardem plays a character completely devoid physically of emotions. He is struggling through so much, but Bardem’s deadpan face and stocky physique creates a rock solid exterior while behind his eye, you get a sense of truly deep emotion. Even at the most intense moments of the film, Bardem restrains from exterior emotion, displaying levels of intense emotion as if he were silently screaming from within.

Still missing three of the five foreign language film nominees, it is definitely hard to pick a winner. “Dogtooth” won me over by the sheer creative- and awkward-ness that was developed through the off beat character and story development. Putting the two films side by side, I can not imagining trying to compare all five films and in the end, I may jut have to choose “Biutiful” for the same reason I had originally thought, since Javier Bardem was the only foreign language film actor that was nominated for an acting award. Hopefully, that is enough to win the film the Oscar.


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