“If there’s any justice, Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams will both earn Oscar nominations for their raw, arresting performances”. This is a quote from Dave Krager from Entertainment Weekly. Unfortunately for Dave, there is only partial justice, as Ryan Gosling misses his nomination. Perhaps it was because of the Weinsteins not wanting two competitors in the same category. Colin Firth has already stolen the show in the Best Leading Actor category, so perhaps by keeping Ryan Gosling out, they are saving some kind of face.

To me, Ryan Gosling delivered the better performance. Michelle Williams, though more of a ranging character (one section innocent and naive, the next strong willed and stubborn), the fact that she gets the nomination over Gosling is profound.

Williams and Gosling have a sensational chemistry on-screen, making the tender moments even more dear while completely digressing into this pit of despair and angst unlike any rocky couple film before its time. “Blue Valentine” made it so difficult to choose a side in the dispute and barely left me siding with Gosling, more so that I enjoyed his performance more than that of Michelle Williams and her drop of a dime mood changes.

Michelle Williams will not be taking home the gold this year, but I am sincerely excited that she will be at the Oscars representing “Blue Valentine” and the revival of the arthouse film. There is a passion in Williams’ performance at every level of the film and honoring her achievement with even a nomination bodes well with me.

The fact that Williams faces the likes of Natalie Portman and her soon-to-be Academy Award winning performance in “Black Swan” is a giant compliment in itself and will make “Blue Valentine” a much bigger draw leading up to the awards ceremony and even afterwards.



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