“Inside Job” is last year’s “Food Inc.”, which did not win the Academy Award, but I feel as though this year, the Academy will make up for that. Last year, I thought the award belonged to “The Cove”. It was more original and had a more heartfelt message than that of “Food Inc.”. This year I would like to see “Restrepo” win, just because of its impressive look into a world most people never get to see, but “Inside Job” appears to be the better produced film.

“Restrepo” is blatant and raw. It is cameras attached to military personnel as they go into the most dangerous part of the world for the U.S. This is revolutionary content. The “Inside Job”, however, explains a much needed answer to the economic crisis and how it all came to a head. America needs to watch this film to realize what happened to cause the crisis that our generation faced and are just digging out of.

I feel “Inside Job” had a much more pressing matter and displayed it in an interesting and informative way. The visuals are amazing, the music was well placed, and the voice over from Matt Damon was a nice touch. Though I would much rather see a more visceral film like “Restrepo” win, I do feel “Inside Job” was the better film this year. “Food Inc.” was a much better produced film last year, but “The Cove” had the heart to take it. We will see if that can be repeated this year.


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