Release Date
May 26, 2009
Sucker Punch Productions
Action, Adventure
Rated T for Blood, Drug Reference, Language, Mild Suggestive Themes, Violence

Infamous (PS3)

In lieu of Infamous 2 releasing this week for the Playstation 3, my pick for Video Game of the Week is the first installment of the major money making game franchise, Infamous. Now, I may be a little late to the party, but I had played this game a couple years ago when it was released in May 2009. This was the first game that I bought for the Playstation 3 that didn’t come with the system (Resistance: Fall Of Man and Motorstorm: Pacific Rift came with my system. I sold Motorstorm). Not only was I experiencing the graphics of the Playstation 3 on my new HD television, but with Infamous I was blown away by the vivid definition and detail in the characters and the setting.

Infamous is a wildly addicting game. Playing as Cole McGrath, a bike courier who is at the heart of an explosion that destroys the entire city, Cole develops powers unlike any video game before its time (Prototype came out a month later and was practically the same exact game). His powers involve electricity coursing through his body and though most of his abilities rely on the sources of energy around him (like streetlights, televisions, metro tracks, and electrical boxes), the man has some sweet maneuvers.

Zapping people, good or bad, is completely up to the player, creating a truly unique game experience and allowing different endings and occurrences. There is a story to follow as you get deeper and deeper different parts of the city and into what caused the explosions. You are also more than welcome to meander around the city and take up side missions, clear out areas of bad guys, or just blast people for the fun of it. Much like an electrified version of Grand Theft Auto, Infamous takes the sandbox game play to a whole new level, allowing the player to climb up the sides of buildings, slide from building to building across electrical wire, and even blast down the city’s tram tracks.

The game play gets harder and harder the further you get into the game, but as you continue on in the story, you gain new abilities that make defeating the growing threats a little bit easier. By the end of the game, you practically have to use all that you have learned to defeat the final boss. Do not take time off from playing the game or you may forget some of the specials and defeating the harder bad guys or even the final boss becomes impossible and you have to restart the game to relearn the skills.

If Infamous 2 is anything like the first game (which I am sure it will be), it will win my vote again for Video Game of the Week. But until I run into some money, I am afraid I will either have to wait the long wait to rent it or wait the even longer wait of earning some extra cash. Either way, I look forward to playing the newest installment and reliving my very first Playstation 3 endeavor all over again. Now, I am going to finish posting this and play a little bit of Infamous just to see if two years later, I still have the skills.

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