June 27, 1966
New York City, New York
(Film and Television Producer, Director, Writer)


•    Diabolique (1996) Actor, Videographer #2, as Jeffrey Abrams
•    Taking Care of Business (1990) (writer)
•    Regarding Henry (1991) (writer, co-producer)
•    Forever Young (1992) (writer, executive producer)
•    The Pallbearer (1996) (producer)
•    Gone Fishin’ (1997) (co-writer)
•    Armageddon (1998) (writer)
•    The Suburbans (1999) (producer)
•    Joy Ride (2001) (writer, producer)
•    Mission: Impossible III (2006) (director, co-writer)
•    Cloverfield (2008) (producer)
•    Star Trek (2009) (director, producer)
•    Morning Glory (2010) (producer)
•    Super 8 (June 10, 2011) (director, writer, producer)
•    Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol (December 16, 2011) (writer, producer)
•    Untitled Star Trek sequel (2012) (producer/possible director)
•    Samurai Jack feature film (TBA) (co-producer)


•    Felicity (1998–2002) (co-creator, writer, executive producer, director, co-composer of theme music)
•    Alias (2001–2006) (creator, writer, executive producer, director, theme music composer)
•    Lost (2004) (Executive Producer, theme music composer, co-creator, writer, director)
•    The Office (2005–present) (guest director)
•    What About Brian (2006–2007) (executive producer)
•    Six Degrees (2006–2007) (executive producer)
•    Jimmy Kimmel Live! (2006) (guest director)
•    Fringe (2008–present) (co-creator, writer, executive producer, theme music composer)
•    Anatomy of Hope (2009) (executive producer, writer, director)
•    Undercovers (2010) (co-creator, executive producer, writer, director)
•    Person of Interest (Announced – Series by CBS)
•    Alcatraz (Announced – Series by Fox)

Super 8
Almost a throwback to the Spielberg days, Abrams goes into “Super 8” as only a two time director, with “Star Trek” and “Mission Impossible 3” under his belt. Abrams’s name has become synonymous with so many different films and television shows, it is odd to think that he has directed so few films before this. The man is proving to be an excellent director and “Super 8” puts him in the lines of becoming the next Spielberg, with Steven’s stamp of approval to boot.

Television (Felicity, Alias, and Lost)
Remember that little show “Felicity” back in the day? That was Abrams’s baby. How about “Alias”? That, too, was created at the hands of Abrams. The man was creating a name for himself far before we even knew who he was. It was when “Lost” hit the air and had Abrams’s name attached that we started to recognize who he really was. With “Lost” being one of the biggest shows in television’s history, the fact that Abrams help create and produce such a feat proves his worth alone. Now with “Fringe” gaining steam and “Alcatraz” looking like a hit, one must question if this super producer has the golden touch.

Strangely enough, I missed the “Lost” boat, so the first time Bad Robot Productions made an impact on me was when “Cloverfield” was being hyped with Abrams’s name showing up in all the movie trailers. Though I assumed he was directing, the fact that he produced it makes it partly his child/film as well, becoming apparent in “Super 8” as the hand of Abrams. Looking back, Abrams had a hand in two films I highly enjoyed; “Joy Ride” with Paul Walker and Leelee Sobieski and “Armageddon” with Bruce Willis and directed by Michael Bay. The man has done it all and this seems to be only the beginning of his well known career.

First Director of the Week
I honor J.J. Abrams with Proof In The Picture’s first Director of the Week with his film “Super 8” hitting the theaters this weekend and having already earned $12,200,000.00 in its opening night. Abrams appears to have a long and profitable future ahead of him and hopefully our kids can look back and enjoy his films as we enjoyed Spielberg in his prime. Abrams does it all and this is only the beginning.

**Filmography courtesy of Wikipedia.com

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