Top 15 New Netflix Instant Picks
(June 1st thru June 11th, 2011)

Since I am starting this column a bit late in the month and since there were not fifteen “worthwhile” films that hit Netflix in the past week, I am going to include the first week of June in this post as well.

15 ) “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers The Movie”
Relive your childhood with this one: the last feature length film with the original cast of characters. I still love this film and actually own a copy.

14 ) “Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back”
Need I say more?

13 ) “Reindeer Games”
Ben Affleck and Charlize Theron in a dark, heist film. I also own a copy of this film and still love the hell out of this film. You cannot go wrong with early Theron.

12 ) “Get Over It”
Ben Foster before becoming Jason Stathom’s protege. Mila Kunis before getting it on with Natalie Portman. Kirsten Dunst before Mary Jane-ing it in “Spiderman”. Sisqo during his “Thong Song” era. This comedy rivals many of the early 2000 comedies yet it has never been heard of by most people that grew up around then. A glorified MTV film, I highly recommend seeing this one.

11 ) “Reservoir Dogs”
Having never actually seen this in its entirety, I look forward to sitting down and catching this Tarantino flick.

10 ) “Black Death”
Sean Bean stars in this medieval action film that I have yet to see, but look forward to seeing.

9 ) “I Saw The Devil”
With an 81% on Rotten Tomatoes, I am anticipating my viewing of this highly acclaimed foreign film.

8 ) “Resident Evil: Afterlife”
If you are a Resident Evil video game fan, then you will not be disappointed. If you are a fan of the film franchise, this fourth installment finally brings back the zombies. I bought this on blu-ray and can now watch it whenever I please, but if you do not have the luxury, catch it on Netflix.

7 ) “The Silence of the Lambs”
Arguably the best of the series, see Anthony Hopkins in one of his greatest roles ever, as Hannibal Lector.

6 ) “The Kennedys”
A miniseries that I have heard nothing but great things about. I look forward to seeing this one.

5 ) “South Park”
Having only really caught episodes here and there throughout its run (and still going), I am now watching the series in order and am pleased thus far through the first season. Only about thirteen seasons left that are available on Netflix.

4 ) “The Fly”
Jeff Goldblum in one of his first breakout roles, I have not seen this film in its entirety for quite sometime, having caught bits and pieces on television randomly. I have been anticipating its arrival on Netflix Instant and will be watching it soon.

3 ) “The Edge”
One of my favorite survival films of all time, Anthony Hopkins and Alec Baldwin fighting the wilderness is exquisite. I highly recommend catching this film as I will be viewing it again before it is gone.

2 ) “Scream” & “Scream 2”
I am counting these as one spot because if you’re going to watch them, you might as well watch them together. It had been just long enough for me to review these films, as I had mildly forgotten who the killers were and enjoyed these films anew. Hopefully you can have the same re-experience. Do not hold your breath for the 3rd one to hit Netflix Instant until about August.

1 ) “Pulp Fiction”
Arguably Tarantino’s greatest achievement, I still love this film to this day. Travolta and Jackson make one of the best teams ever and Uma Thurman begins her long assorted love affair in the throws of Tarantino’s offbeat films. “Pulp Fiction” is my number one pick for New on Netflix Instant this week.

Must-sees Expiring Next Week

“Before The Devil Knows You’re Dead” (Expiring June 15th)
Ethan Hawke and one of my favorites, Philip Seymour Hoffman, battling the odds to try and extort money from their own family’s place of business.

“Incendiary” (Expiring June 15th)
Though there are many, Ewan McGregor and Michelle Williams doing the nasty is at least one reason to see this film.

“Zombieland” (Expiring June 16th)
Starring Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg, and Emma Stone, this offbeat zombie comedy has just enough style and deep-rooted humor to pull off being an all-time favorite.

Let me know what you think of the list and if there are any that you think should have made the list instead.

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