Tucker & Dale Vs. Evil

“There we were minding our own business, just doing chores around the house, when kids started killing themselves all over my property.”

Tucker & Dale Vs. Evil could have easily been another failed spoof movie, but with the right combination of self-aware dialogue and the perfectly casted Tyler Labine and Alan Tudyk, this film becomes a comedy-horror far superior to any other in its genre. The witty dialogue from the two leads meshed with the dumb-founded, knee-jerk commentary from the stranded and dim-witted college students, create a dynamic unlike any of the Scary Movie disasters or Piranha bastardizations.

The biggest problem I had with the film was that the marketing gave away almost the entire film, displaying just about every single death, leaving nothing to be revealed during the actual film. That large flaw aside, Tucker & Dale Vs. Evil still entertains on a strictly surface level but does so in way that rivals almost any spoof film i have seen in the past few years.

Release Date: September 30, 2011 || Director: Eli Craig || Distributed By: Magnet Releasing
Comedy, Horror
Rated R for bloody horror violence, language and brief nudity
89 minutes


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