It’s going to be a tough year in the Best Adapted Screenplay category, not just because they are all worthy contenders, but because I really enjoyed them all and cannot pick a favorite. That being said, “Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy” seems like one of the trickier concepts to get across when adapting the long form into a story for the screen, and though the film demands the audience’s full attention, it plays out quite perfectly, especially on multiple viewings. “Hugo” or “The Descendants” could take this category, with big wins on the horizon. And with Aaron Sorkin on the “Moneyball” screenplay, a strong case could be made for that. So, though my choices aren’t made much easier by seeing all of these, this will be a category I won’t be able to predict until the very end of the challenge.

Gary Oldman is my dark horse pick in the Best Actor in a Leading Role category. My gut tells me it will be Clooney versus Dujardin in this one, especially following the SAG awards win by Dujardin. However, I want so badly for Oldman to win this award that unless Clooney’s performance just blows me away, I will be rooting for Oldman on awards night. Oldman disappears into this role and for a man that has done as many films as he has, this could be one of Oldman’s best performances yet. If Oldman doesn’t win this year, I hope that this is the start of him getting nominated a lot more, because, dammit, he deserves it.

“Tinker Tailor” has a very unique score, blending a time period with a serial drama. Eerie, melodic, and sometimes even “pop”, the score to this film adds the perfect element to a film that already achieves so much in its story telling and performances. In the scope of this category, I see little hope for “Tinker Tailor” pulling through, especially against the John Williams and Howard Shores, and even “The Artist” probably has a better shot at winning this category than “Tinker Tailor”. However, next to “Drive”, “Tinker Tailor” has one of my personal favorite scores of the year.

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