Playing a well-known historical figure is tough. Especially one as well-known as Marilyn Monroe. The difficulty comes in being compared to that figure and never quite adding up to what people expect from that role. Marilyn was never nominated for an Academy Award, so Michelle Williams being nominated playing Monroe is quite the accomplishment and nod of the hat to Marilyn herself. But can Michelle win?

Having now been acquainted with all the Best Actress performances, I believe Michelle Williams deserves the Oscar over the other four women, for embodying Marilyn Monroe so perfectly. I had my doubts before screening the film, not sure if Williams was a good enough actress to pull off such a high profile role, but she does so exquisitely. Though I loved her in “Blue Valentine” last year, she nails the role of Marilyn Monroe even more so this year.

Now most people believe the race is down to Meryl Streep and Viola Davis, which I do not completely agree with. Both are said to be “overdue”, even though Streep has won the award before. Michelle Williams could be considered overdue as well, having been nominated three times now (“Brokeback Mountain” and “Blue Valentine”). The only thing that could help back up a Michelle Williams win is winning the critics awards across the board this year. Also, it is said that the Academy favors younger actresses in this role (i.e. Portman over Benning last year). Streep’s film, “The Iron Lady”, is not even award-worthy. Davis has the strongest case since her film, “The Help” is actually in the Best Picture category as well.

I truly hope that Williams can pull of this win, because she very much deserves it this year.

With Albert Brooks out of this race, Christopher Plummer looks like the clear winning (having taken all the major awards this year). Kenneth Branagh is probably a close second, but with all the press and steam Plummer has going into Oscar night, it is hard to argue that he is the clear winner.

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