“Albert Nobbs” brings in three admirable nominations in Actress, Supporting Actress, and Makeup, all of which are high caliber. Glenn Close earns the nominations from a part she helped create, playing a woman dressed as a man in the 19th century, trying to earn enough money start her own business. Glenn Close delivers a performance that few actresses could touch, but in the field of performances this year, Close will not be seeing this award and has even become known as the queen of the Academy losers, this being her six nomination with absolutely no wins as of yet. She does succeed in making this film more enjoyable to watch, but against Viola Davis (and my personal choice, Michelle Williams), I don’t see Glenn Close having much of a chance.

If it is possible to outshine Glenn Close in “Albert Nobbs”, Janet McTeer pulls it off. Where Glenn Close has the definite look of a man, McTeer has the assertiveness (and height) that disguises her as the man she portrays. Often providing the best portions of the film, McTeer earns this nomination. The bad news is Octavia Spencer has all but wrapped this one up.

Though I don’t want “The Iron Lady” to win anything, “Albert Nobbs” simply does not have enough “award-winning” makeup to set it apart. The only real makeup is that of which makes Glenn Close look more like a man than normal, but honestly, even that isn’t enough to completely mask the fact that she is, by all means, a woman. At least “The Iron Lady” completely transformed Meryl Streep into a much older version of herself. I am hoping for a “Harry Potter” representation here, but it could any either way.

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