If any film was robbed this year (outside of the Documentary category and “Drive”), it would be Steven Spielberg’s second directing venture of the year, “The Adventures of Tintin”. Slated as one of the top competitors in the Best Animated Feature category against “Rango”, “Tintin” didn’t even get a nomination. If that wasn’t strange enough, the only nomination the film did receive was Best Original Score, marking John Williams’ second nomination in that category this year (see “War Horse” for more facts on John Williams and his history with the Academy Awards).

Between his two nominations, I believe “War Horse” to be the stronger score over “Tintin”. The problem Williams faces is splitting his votes between the two films. While the Howard Shores and Ludovic Bources have only one film to gain votes for, Williams will face a unique battle in getting only one of his films to stick, rather than evenly splitting his votes between the two. With “The Artist” proving a strong competitor in a normal race, Williams doesn’t have much of a chance this year.

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