One of the weaker films in the Best Picture category, this film will probably gain most of the acting awards with one fell-swoop.

Even at the Golden Globes, winner Meryl Streep said that Viola Davis deserved the award more. Much better than Streep’s performance, Davis should be able to capture this award. Though I would absolutely love to see Michelle Williams win, Davis can easily take this award, as most critics and “scholars” are predicting. Her SAG win justifies this even more.

Pretty much the frontrunner for this award, I believe Octavia Spencer to be the safe bet. Her performance is memorable and having two African American women win the acting awards this year (a first ever) will make for one of those spectacular Oscar moments.

My personal favorite in this category, Jessica Chastain was stellar in this film and with all her performances of 2011, this was the most different of them all, making her almost unrecognizable while becoming one of the best parts of the film “The Help”. I will not complain if she wins this award.

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