“In Darkness” which is competing for Best Foreign Language Film has gained a little attention, but probably not enough to beat out “A Separation” which is a clear winner at this point. “In Darkness” was playing at theaters around Los Angeles, but with lack of time and little desire to pay huge amounts for a ticket to this film, I opted out.

Unsure of how this documentary went over, “Undefeated” could be a heartwarming story enough to be honored, or it could be taking backseat to “Paradise Lost 3: Purgatory” which became my pick. With “Undefeated” getting a theatrical release, it could be stronger than the rest, however with “Paradise Lost” being an HBO special with no theater release, imagine how many votes it took to get this film nominated. That is a lot of support from the Academy if you ask me. “Undefeated” was also released in L.A. but I decided not to attend.

This is one film I probably should have seen. Playing at the Chinese Theater in L.A., the theater was a tad out of the way and showtimes never quite lined up so I ended up missing this film as well. Apparently a winner at one of the major Costume Design awards, I am worried the one film I did not see in the Costume Design category could win, but I am hoping not.

Both not releasing in the U.S. until later this year, I was unable to find these two foreign language films. Always a tough category to find all the releases, I do believe the ones I did see (“A Separation” and “Bullhead”) are the strongest competitors in this category and I probably did not miss anything in missing these.

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