AMERICAN REUNION || April 6th, 2012

AMERICAN REUNION || As far as I’m concerned, American Reunion cannot make enough money. With the entire cast returning and the Stifmeister back to his ridiculous antics, the writers of this series are back on their game. As Roger Ebert describes in his review of the film, this is like an audience’s reunion with these characters that we grew up with. Having been exposed to this film at my job, I can definitely vouch for it. THEATER
ATM || The horror film freak inside me really wants to see this film. From the writer of Buried, ATM has actually been available on iTunes for quite sometime now. Also, the Alice Eve admirer in me will probably win out in getting me to see this in theater. ATM revolves around three co-workers being stalked by an Eskimo-looking killer, getting them stuck in an ATM building. Josh Peck also graces this film and supplies just another reason for me to see this low key kill ‘em film.
TITANIC 3D || As if $600 million dollars wasn’t enough, James Cameron re-releases his cash cow Titanic in 3D. Apparently untouched, save for upgrading the visual experience for you viewing pleasure, Cameron has stated that nothing was changed in the story. I’m on the fence, since I’ve seen it so many times before. Plus, I don’t feel like supporting James Cameron. But curiosity will probably get the best of me.Verdict: Will probably cave meaning THEATER

AIR RACERS 3D || Basically a glorified amusement park attraction, Air Racers is not really a documentary and not really a live event, but somewhere in-between. Narrated by Paul Walker for some reason or another, this is really just an attempt to get people to pay overpriced seat tickets for something they could probably watch on cable. There will be a very small audience for this I’m sure. Hopefully not big enough to make this a reoccurring attraction. PASS
THE ASSAULT || Unsure of whether the entire film is some dark vignette of blue or if it was just the trailer, I am leery about succumbing to what this advertising is leading me to believe. Dubbed as based on a true story, The Assault looks visually stunning as a SWAT team attempts to deal with an airplane hijacking somewhere in Paris, but there is also a straight-to-DVD quality to the film. With no character development in the trailer and no signs of actual interaction, I fear this film is nothing special. STREAM
THE COLD LIGHT OF DAY || Yet another conspiracy thriller, Bruce Willis and Sigourney Weaver star in this all but unheard of action-chase film. Henry Cavill takes leading role, but from the trailer, does not appear to be enough to draw people to this film. None the less, with its big stars, it will eventually will gain enough of an audience, including myself, especially with Weaver continuing her “bad guy” persona which she displayed wonderfully in last summer’s Paul. STREAM
COMIC-CON EPISODE IV: A FAN’S HOPE || Watch this trailer for this behind-the-scenes look at Comic-Con in San Diego, CA and then realize it is a documentary by Morgan Spurlock. Knock mostly for his statement-al documentaries like Super Size Me and The Greatest Movie Ever Made, Spurlock delivers some fan experiences mixed with celebrity testimonials to bring audiences a truly unique documentary. Expecting Morgan’s humor to come through and expecting a really insightful look into a convention I have never attended, I do believe this will be an enjoyable film. RENT
DAMSELS IN DISTRESS || Greta Gerwig is on a roll lately. If you look through Apple Trailers, she is appearing in tons of films this year and next, and rightfully so. In Damsels in Distress, she takes a slightly different role as the pretentious leader of a group of girls. The trailer is witty, with a slight off-kilter humor (my favorite part is the sign reading “Suicide Center” instead of “Suicide Prevention Center”). Analeigh Tipton starts her rise to stardom following her stellar performance in Crazy, Stupid, Love. And one of my all-time favorite actor Adam Brody makes an appearance as one of the main love interests. I will definitely be seeing this film at some point. RENT
THE HUNTER || An independent film with Willem Dafoe is hard to pass up. Though the film looks to revolve around Dafoe hunting a rare tiger, there appears to be so much more going on around it. Again, The Hunter has been available on iTunes for quite some time but comes off well worth the price of admission to the theater. RENT
KEYHOLE || Guy Maddin has directed over 41 titles (mostly shorts) but his latest endeavors, Keyhole, looks to have taken a hold of the festival circuit and now attempts at a limited release in the states. Black-and-white and very raw, Keyhole looks to be a mysterious period piece with very little explained in the trailer. Despite my constant fervor for independent films, this one I feel can easily pass on. PASS
REDEMPTION || Westerns are one my favorite genres, so it does not take much to get me excited to see one. With gorgeous visuals and Barry Corbin has a hard-faced judge, I can forgive the mediocre acting and the weak story taking place in the trailer for Redemption. Though I do not feel the need to run out and see this one, perhaps on a rainy day, I will give this film a chance. STREAM
SURVIVING PROGRESS || I absolutely love documentaries that take a look at the status of our current world and either explaining in detail how our society would go about fixing the problems or explaining where our world will end up in the not-so-distant future or both of these. Produced by Martin Scorsese and from the trailer alone, I get the feeling this documentary could not only be powerful but could give a run for the Academy Awards. With tons of information just in the trailer and some really original visuals for this sort of doc, I am now looking forward to seeing this film. RENT
WE HAVE A POPE || Finally a comedy about the pope. Though this could easily be handled poorly, this Sundance Select looks to have the perfect about of dark comedy mixed with appropriate dramatic responses. We Have A Pope looks, as of now, a perfect candidate to for the Best Foreign Film category at the Academy Awards, coming from Italy. STREAM
WE THE PARTY || Despite this ridiculous trailer, the sad truth is that there is probably an audience for this type of film. Mario Van Peebles has been all over the map as actor and director, starring in films like Ali and New Jack City, while directing episodes of Lost and Son of Anarchy. The truth is, a film about young black men wanting to be big in the “rap game” has been overdone, and in much better venues. But with the appearance of Snoop Dogg as well as some new faces in the hip hop scene, if you cannot already guess who this film appeals to, then I won’t bother telling you. PASS


  • American Reunion
  • Titanic 3D


  • ATM
  • Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan’s Hope
  • Damsels In Distress
  • The Hunter
  • Surviving Progress


  • The Assault
  • The Cold Light Of Day
  • Redemption
  • We Have A Pope


  • Air Racers 3D
  • Keyhole
  • We The Party

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