LOOPER / Any film starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt is a draw. He is a talented young actor who has no problem going from an action film to a whimsical comedy. He is completely in-tune with the way a child actor turned adult actor should present themselves and all he is notorious for turning out quality work. Looper looks no different. With Bruce Willis and Emily Blunt, who both are the best at what they do, this film has the potential to steal the show in September. Introduce time travel and mob hits and I picture the perfect playground for some extraordinary performances.

The trailer is effectively vague, introducing the plot and giving a taste of its characters. They show bits and pieces of what the main character does and the predicament he faces when he faces his future self. Emily Blunt is saved for the end bits of the trailer, with her connection to the story remaining a mystery, though with her wielding a shotgun, I cannot wait to see where she fits. This role looks so much different than anything Blunt has done before (except maybe The Adjustment Bureau) and will be at the top of my list of films to see this year.

Expect To See It: September 28th, 2012

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