COSMOPOLIS / For the record, any film starring Robert Pattinson is a film I try to avoid. The only films with Pattinson that I have seen in recent memory were Water For Elephants and Remember Me, both of which had enough going on in them to mask the fact that he is not a very solid actor. His emotionless-ness may work perfect for the brooding dead guy in Twilight, but outside of that work, he and Kristen Stewart just don’t seem to fit. Cosmopolis could be that exception. Though I can already picture better actors in this role, especially since Colin Farrell was originally lined up for this role, but my dislike for Pattinson aside, Cronenberg’s upcoming thriller has peaked my interest.

Set in some sort of distant future, I am still not completely sure what the film is about, but it looks sleak and sexy and with such a distinct cast with Paul Giamatti, Jay Baruchel, Samantha Morton, and the lovely Sarah Gadon, not to mention the strong visuals (Pattinson shooting his own hand is my absolutely favorite part of this trailer), I definitely have a desire to see this film. Cronenberg has always had a twisted style as a director and that shows in this trailer. Add to that the three of his films that landed in the Time Out London: Top 100 Horror Films list, and you’ve got yourself a recipe for a great film.

Expect To See It: TBA

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