GANGSTER SQUAD / Having almost gotten to see a cut of this film, there are few films I am more excited for than Gangster Squad. Set in 40’s and 50’s Los Angeles, this film stars an all-star crew that most assuredly will be nominated for some Academy Awards, including a villainous performance from Sean Penn and some impressive showings as always from Ryan Gosling, Josh Brolin and the ravishing Emma Stone. The set design looks perfect, the tone of the trailer is set just right, and there are some of the most bad ass lines from any film trailer I think I have ever witnessed including, “a cop you can’t buy is like a dog, you gotta put it down”. If Ryan Gosling is in it, I need to see it, and this film has the runnings for being one of my most anticipated films of the year (Drive and Like Crazy took that spot last year and both became my favorite film of that year, something I am hoping for from this film). From the director of Zombieland and 30 Minutes Or Less, Ruben Fleischer shows what an award-worthy period piece should look like.

Expect To See It: June 27th, 2012

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