THE APPARITION / Truth be told, horror films never get me excited. There are definitely great horror films out there, but most of them are usually along the lines of something done before. The Apparition, though full of cliche horror conventions, has a freshness about it. The premise is as such: ghosts only exist if you actually believe in them. As a test, a group of young adults conduct an experiment and in doing so, brings about a terrible chain of events, much like the curse in The Ring. The visuals look truly terrifying and pulling off good horror is one of the hardest things to do. The acting is nothing spectacular, but to compensate, they strategically put Ashley Greene in her underwear for a lot of the trailer (The Unborn was horrible but putting Odette Yustman in her underwear for most of the film made up for most discrepancies). Long story short, The Apparition is one of the first horror films I am actually anticipating despite my better judgement.

Expect To See It: August 24th, 2012

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