No Church In The Wild

Kayne West & Jay-Z (feat. Frank Ocean)

Watch The Throne / Safe House Soundtrack

Used in the credits and the advertising for the film Safe House starring Ryan Reynolds and Denzel Washington, “No Church in the Wild” is the perfect song to wrap up the film, with such intense and animalistic qualities, reflecting the film perfectly.

The teaming of Kayne West and Jay-Z, alone, is phenomenal, but encapsulating this film with such ferocity, I enjoy the music that much more, once again solidifying that the perfect song matched with the perfect moments in film can create such memorable sequences that you carry them with you. Though Safe House was the action thriller is promised to be, without this song, it might not have hit as hard in the closing moments of the film.

The guttural bass and drum opening the song, to the hymn like melody of Frank Ocean, to the cool and collected rapping of both Kanye and Jay-Z, this song ties together nicely, bringing the great Denzel Washington’s qualities from the film into a song that develops almost better than the film itself.

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