The last great horror film that Guillermo del Toro executive produced was “The Orphanage”, which is such a fantastic film in general even without the attachment. Since then I have held out for the next subtle horror film to carry del Toro’s name. “Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark” came close, but no cigar, even though he garnered a writing credit as well.

Upon seeing the trailer for “Mama”, set for a January 18th, 2013 release date, I am convinced this will be that anticipated horror film I have been waiting for, produced by none other than… wait for it… executive producer Guillermo del Toro.

The premise, as was the case with “The Orphanage”, revolves around children. In this case, two young girls disappear into the woods after their parents are killed. Years later they are found and brought to live with an uncle, who is in a relationship with the second major selling point of this film, Jessica Chastain, easily one of my favorite actresses right now. In a different looking role for her, she is daunted with the task of helping raise the two girls, who are convinced that they can still see their mother, even though she’s dead.

This year has been a treat for ghost story horror films, but mainly in the period piece genre, with “The Woman In Black” and “The Awakening” cornering the market. A friend and I recently discussed the need for more modern day ghost story films that can actually pull it off. Demon possessions which require exorcisms do not count, therefore all the films involving said ritual and especially the “Paranormal Activity” films do not count. “The Apparition” attempted to tell a modern day ghost story early this summer but failed miserably. “Mama” holds some high hopes for effectively pulling off this feat and I am actually looking forward to this film.

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