OCTOBER 16TH, 2012

MOONRISE KINGDOM // With Moonrise Kingdom, Wes Anderson proves he is at the top of his game, with stunningly choreographed cinematography, brilliant set pieces, and some of the best child acting in recent memory, proving that first-time actress Kara Hayward and first-time actor Jared Gilman both have long, fruitful careers ahead of them. The love story is ripe, with writer/director Anderson never being afraid to delve into young romance in all of its glory. Tied together nicely with Anderson’s trademark quirky humor and an award-worthy score from super-composer Alexandre Desplat, Moonrise Kingdom is one of my favorite films so far this year.

New Releases
2016: Obama’s America
Chernobyl Diaries
The Forgiveness of Blood: Criterion
Last Ride
Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted 2-denied2-small
Moonrise Kingdom
Neil Young Journeys 2-denied2-small
That’s My Boy

TV Box Set

  • Alcatraz: Complete Series  
  • Chappelle’s Show: Complete Series
  • Columbo: Complete Series
  • The Firm: Season One
  • Flashpoint: Season Four
  • Gunsmoke: Season Six, Volume Two
  • The Ice House: Complete Mini-Series
  • Last of the Summer Wine: Vintage 1995 Reserve
  • Mad Men: Season Five  
  • Mr. Lucky: Complete Series
  • Psych: Season Six
  • Touch: Season One   

Special Editions/Other Releases

  • 2 Young 2 Die
  • A Princess for Christmas
  • Airborne (2012)  
  • Back from Hell
  • Bush Christmas
  • Chely Wright: Wish Me Away  
  • Dawn of the Dragonslayer
  • Excision  
  • Greystone Park
  • Home for Christmas
  • Jess Franco’s Exorcism: Remastered Edition
  • Kati with an I
  • Legendary Amazons
  • Lemon
  • Letter from an Unknown Woman
  • Marina Abramovic: The Artist is Present
  • Night of the Living Dead Re-Animation
  • Nobody Else But You  
  • Pete’s Dragon: 35th Anniversary Edition
  • Power Rangers Samurai: Christmas Together
  • Rites of Passage
  • Sexual Chronicles of a French Family  
  • Spellbound (2012)
  • Stealing Summer
  • The Angel Who Pawned Her Harp
  • The Cup
  • The Fun House
  • The Heart of Christmas
  • The Slender Thread
  • The Sterile Cuckoo
  • The Tortured
  • Three Secrets
  • Trooper and the Legend of the Golden Key
  • Uptight

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