PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 4 || October 19th, 2012

ALEX CROSS || Why they got Tyler Perry to play a signature role made famous by Morgan Freeman,  I will never know. But I can tell you this, I will never take a role that Perry plays seriously and this action thriller hinges on it. Then having Michael Fox play the odd villain makes this film even more misdirected. Overall, I’ll stick to watching “Kiss The Girls” and “Along Came A Spider”. PASS
NOBODY WALKS || Olivia Thirlby is a favorite of mine and she looks to reinvent herself in the role of unintentional seductress in “Nobody Walks”. Revolving around a theme of cheating, John Krasinski, Rosemarie DeWitt, and Justin Kirk round out this cast. I am a huge fan of small films like this.
PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 4 || Even with a new blonde lead, a slimmer Katie Featherston, and the use of webcams and Kinect sensors, “Paranormal Activity 4” does little to revitalize the series, with more fake-outs than actual scares, several moments that are not paced properly, including an incident with a knife that could have paid off tenfold had it held off longer, and very little plot progression for the overall franchise. The fourth installment comes off more like a watered down, recycled re-hash of the first three films, rather than a horror film that can stand on its own, delivering the weakest showing yet.
THE SESSIONS || How long has it been since we’ve seen Helen Hunt in anything? Too long. And she looks sexier than ever in the role of the sex surrogate in this new film “The Sessions”. John Hawkes is an amazing actor, knocking every role he does out of the park and with this being a very facially strong acting part, Hawkes is presented with the perfect new challenge. I find the character played by William H. Macy to be a little caricature in nature, but overall this film looks worthwhile. THEATER

ALL TOGETHER || Completely outside my age bracket, this film about five aging friends moving in together reminds of a lesser quality “Best Exotic Marigold Hotel” with the only real star being Jane Fonda, who blends into this foreign language film seamlessly. PASS
BIGFOOT: THE LOST COAST TAPES || Reading the title of this film, I thought for sure I’d be mocking the film by the end of the trailer, but with some higher end quality visuals and what appear to be interesting scares, “Bigfoot: The Lost Coast Tapes” could be worth watching. Reminiscent of “Trollhunter”, which I enjoyed, I am interested to see if they actually ever show Bigfoot. STREAM
BROOKLYN CASTLE || This documentary looks incredibly inspiring, depicting a school in Brooklyn which is known for winning chess championships 10 years running. When stereotypes and expectations are broken by a group of young people, I become extremely invested and “Brooklyn Castle” does just that. From the trailer, this is one of the best looking documentaries out this year. STREAM
DHENIKHAINA READY || Of course, as soon as I declare I will quit seeking out Bollywood films to add to these lists each week (at least until I completely understand the theory behind these films), iTunes starts adding them to their lists. I thought I’d give this trailer a shot, but stopped half way through knowing I still need to figure this out before moving forward… PASS
THE FIRST TIME || I am going to go ahead and put Britt Robertson on my list of young actresses to watch. She looks amazing in this film, which is way too reminiscent of the 1998 film “Can’t Hardly Wait”, yet still finds a way to remain somewhat original, adding the idea of the “first time” to the mix. You know how this one’s going to end but I might just see it for my new-found interest in Britt Robertson. STREAM
THE FLAT || Wow. Talk about a left hook. The trailer for “The Flat” starts off as if the film will be about a man cleaning out his deceased grandparents flat and turns into him finding out that his lineage may have been involved with Nazis on a grand scale. What a great idea for a documentary and something I will probably end up checking out. STREAM
JUST 45 MINUTES FROM BROADWAY || Was this funded by PBS? Couldn’t even bring myself to finish the trailer. The quality is horrible. PASS
LED ZEPPELIN: CELEBRATION DAY  || Nothing against Led Zeppelin but I will probably pass on seeing the concert film, unless I end up watching it with my parents, who were huge Led Zeppelin fans. PASS
MY WORST NIGHTMARE || As much as Benoît Polvoorde looks extremely interesting in this role, the chemistry between him and the leading lady is non-existent and this storyline is all too familiar to actually be invested. PASS
THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID || I tend to enjoy Anne Heche and Alia Shawkat but this film is a little bit too independent for its own good, following the lives of three women trying to keep it together in what looks like New York. PASS
THE SELLING || This film gets an “A” for creativity and uniqueness but overall the execution and presentation leave much to be desired. A medi-comedy / horror film, “The Selling” doesn’t quite land anywhere besides being a satire to most horror films. The best part of this trailer is when he’s showing the house, while it is being haunted. PASS
TAI CHI ZERO || I love steampunk. And even though “Tai Chi Zero” is mostly about kung-fu, which I have little interest in, the production quality of this film is superior to anything being released this week. Also, I have yet to see “Detective Dee” or either of the “Ip Man” films, but this particular director appears to have a niche and is running well with it. STREAM


  • Paranormal Activity 4
  • The Sessions


  • Nobody Walks


  • Bigfoot: The Lost Coast Tapes
  • Brooklyn Castle
  • The First Time
  • The Flat
  • Tai Chi Zero



  • Alex Cross
  • All Together
  • Dhenikaina Ready
  • Just 45 Minutes From Broadway
  • Led Zeppelin: Celebration Day
  • My Worst Nightmare
  • That’s What She Said
  • The Selling

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