CLOUD ATLAS || October 26th, 2012

CHASING MAVERICKS || As much as I often enjoy Gerard Butler, this repeat of every other inspirational surfing film is lackluster at best, with a unknown playing the role of the lead boy. The absolute only thing that peaked my interest in this film was seeing Taylor Handley of “The O.C.” and “Jack Frost” once again playing the villain. I really hope to see him do more. PASS
CLOUD ATLAS || The one word that I would use to describe “Cloud Atlas” is ambitious. In the day and age where coming up with even one interesting story with a complete narrative arc can prove to be a difficult act, The Wachowski siblings take on the daunting task of telling six different stories, which at times inter-connect, in one giant film. Though certain stories seem somewhat out of place when matched with the rest, specifically “The Ghastly Ordeal of Timothy Cavendish”, overall, the film is effectively intriguing throughout. The multiple uses of actors in several different roles can, at times, be confusing, but overall provides a nice little game of who’s who, which culminates in the end credits where you are shown every character that each actor played. If The Wachowskis have achieved anything besides a majestic, visually stunning piece of cinema, it is a film that will cause for multiple viewings.
FUN SIZE || Caught in a purgatory between a raunchy teen comedy and its Nickelodeon produced counterpart, “Fun Size” probably isn’t good. Jane Levy playing the ditzy supporting character is also an odd move. Coming off more like those “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” films, I could possibly see myself watching this just to see Levy in a slutty cat outfit. STREAM
SILENT HILL: REVELATION 3D || When it comes to video game adaptations, I often afford a bit of leeway for the filmmakers and the production as a whole. I ask myself, “does it stick to the source material”, “does it bring the elements of the game to life”, and lastly, “does it translate to film effectively”. “Silent Hill: Revelation” hits on these three points to some extent and though it may not do so in the most widely accepted of ways, it is still enjoyable. Based almost entirely on the video game “Silent Hill 3”, Adelaide Clemens not only proves she has a bright future in film (she strikes an uncanny resemblance to Michelle Williams), but brings to life the character of Heather/Sharon with an uncanny perfection. Toss in another great score, as well as some memorable moments, including my favorite scene involving a room full of the tortured nurses, and this sequel unfolds nicely. The film’s main downfall is not hitting enough scares for the horror fans, allowing for too many conversations and set pieces to replace actual jumps. However, as a fan of the “Silent Hill” franchise, this film provides most of what I was looking for and even sets up another sequel; an “ooooooh” moment for those who have played the games.

CHAKRAVYUH || Bollywood films simply make me appreciate how far America cinema has come. PASS
DUST UP || The quality of this film is dismal, as is the acting, and what I can assume is considered “directing”. PASS
GUT || “Gut” is presented like a student film, with poor quality and cardboard acting, which is really too bad, because the film’s eerie nature and dark themes would be perfect in a properly handled psychological thriller. Sadly, I may see this film just to experience what could have been. STREAM
THE LAST FALL || It’s a shame that the trailer for “The Last Fall” couldn’t be as promising as the eloquent poster for the film. PASS
THE LONELIEST PLANET || My first reaction to this film’s trailer was “Hmmmm”. I am on the fence on how I feel about this film. Though there are several factors drawing me in, I am completely in the dark as to what this film is actually about. However, if I do come across the film, I might just see it. STREAM
THE OTHER SON || Yet another switched at birth story, this one delves into the world of religious beliefs and what would change if you found out you weren’t actually the person you thought you were. PASS
PUSHER || Before “Drive” and “Bronson”, Nicolas Winding Refn was directing other prestigious films, one of which was “Pusher”. Now as an English version remake, based on the same premise, this film looks promising and will hopefully get people to see the original. STREAM
STITCHES || Clowns can be freaky. Serial killers are obviously scary. But for some reason mixing the two just seems comical. This poorly handled slasher film is a joke upon itself and begs the questions… “when will they stop?” PASS
YOGAWOMAN || As interesting as where yoga came from and where it is now, this appears to be more of a female empowerment seminar rather than an interesting documentary. PASS
THE ZEN OF BENNETT || I respect Tony Bennett and his knowledge, but from this trailer, the film looks a little too lightly paced for my liking, with no real direction and no exact point. PASS


  • Cloud Atlas
  • Silent Hill: Revelation



  • Fun Size
  • Gut
  • The Loneliest Planet
  • Pusher





  • Chakravyuh
  • Chasing Mavericks
  • Dust Up
  • The Last Fall
  • The Other Son
  • Stitches
  • Yogawoman
  • The Zen Of Bennett

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