KILLING THEM SOFTLY || November 30th, 2012

KillingThemSoftly-poster KILLING THEM SOFTLY || Andrew Dominik’s first film in five years is nothing short of a success, with a perfect showing from Brad Pitt as a hired hitman. “Killing Them Softly” steps above its blatantly violent demeanor and delivers a poetic and troubling truth about the ugly state of capitalism, often with just as much heavy-handed-ness as its punches and gunshots, with a dilapidated New Orleans setting and playing off of footage from George W. Bush and Barack Obama during the Goldman Sacks scandals and Obama’s election. The supporting cast is filled brilliantly by Richard Jenkins, James Gandolfini, and yet another breakout performance this year from Scoot McNairy (“Argo”). The cinematography is thoughtful and eloquent, accentuating the moments from the trailer and delivering such truly high points in the film, which are accented beautifully all the way through to Pitt’s epic last sentence.
UniversalSoldierDayOfReckoning-poster UNIVERSAL SOLDIER: DAY OF RECKONING || The trailer for this is random moments from the film strung together, with no music and no real clue of what it’s trying to sell. Basically the equivalent of a straight-to-DVD release, with the worthless “Universal Soldier” tag to it, “Day Of Reckoning” looks like garbage.

AddictedToFame-poster ADDICTED TO FAME || As funny as the producers seem in this film, the only thing worse than watching a B-movie alien film starring Anna Nicole Smith is watching a film about the making of a B-movie alien film starring Anna Nicole Smith. I understand it was her very last film and it was a proverbial train wreck, but I really don’t want any involvement in it. PASS
BackTo1942-poster BACK TO 1942 || With a slight inclination of curiosity regarding Adrien Brody and Tim Robbins starring in this all but foreign film about China in 1942, there just isn’t enough in this trailer to get me hooked and excited. I’m glad they are making period pieces like this and that familiar faces find a place in them, but there’s just not enough sell. PASS
BewareOfMrBaker-poster BEWARE OF MR. BAKER || Ginger Baker appears to be an interesting enough man to warrant a documentary about him. One of the best drummers of all-time, his eccentricity tended to overshadow his superior ability. The definition of a rock star, this documentary about him, “Beware Of Mr. Baker” feels loose and chill, despite the closing sequence in the trailer where Mr. Baker threatens to put the camera man in the hospital. STREAM
CaliforniaSolo-poster CALIFORNIA SOLO || Musicians, films taking place in Los Angeles, and bad boy trying to turn over a new leaf are all a dime a dozen these days. As much as Robert Carlyle has won me over in the television series “Once Upon A Time”, this film, where he faces deportation, is just not for me. PASS
TheCollection-poster THE COLLECTION || Not that “The Collector” warranted a sequel, but with Josh Stewart returning to this second film and a new, sleeker look overall, “The Collection” doesn’t look entirely bad. A secret rave party turned slaughterhouse, the same Collector from the first film takes on another victim, and the only man that can help is the only man that’s ever escaped his clutches (Stewart). From producers of “Saw”, you can guarantee this may become their annual event. THEATER
Crossroad-poster CROSSROAD || What can only be described as the religious equivalent to the award-winning film “Crash”, “Crossroad” attempts to intertwine twelve strangers’ lives in order to reveal a bigger plan for all of them. Melodramatic and not presented well, this is a major pass. PASS
Dragon-poster DRAGON || Although I am often impressed with the mixing of kung fu with other genres of film, in this case, the gangster movie, it has become such a common place thing that it is hard to jump on absolutely every variation. “Dragon” draws little difference from any other similar films and for that, it will fall to the wayside. PASS
ExGirlfriends-poster EX-GIRLFRIENDS || If there’s currently one actress whose career deserves some sort of push, it’s Kristen Connolly’s. You know her recently as the lead from Whedon’s “The Cabin In The Woods”. But she’s been around for quite some time. But just seeing her bashful, batting eyelashes and cute smile makes me excited for her future career and if I do see “Ex-Girlfriends”, it will be for her, along with “Dexter’s” Jennifer Carpenter. STREAM
HechoEnMexico-poster HECHO EN MEXICO || Had I any connection to the Hispanic culture, I may find this film interesting, but since I don’t, a musical documentary about contemporary Mexican musicians is not up my alley. PASS
KingKelly-poster KING KELLY || Referred to as an independent version of “Project X”, I am not entirely sure what makes me even remotely want to see this. Perhaps it’s the for-the-most-part attractive lead actress or the possibility that the hijinks of their night could actually be interesting, but whatever it is, I sort of feel I may need to see it. STREAM
MysticalLaws-poster THE MYSTICAL LAWS || Not my favorite type of animation with not my favorite type of story in a film (if there is one). This film is actually still in contention for being nominated for Best Animated Feature at this year’s Academy Awards. PASS
Parked-poster PARKED || I appreciate what this film is aiming towards, as an independent dark comedy about a man living out of his car. But there appears to be little range in either story progression or character development, and without those it’s hard to commit to a film you’ve never heard of, despite its appearance. PASS
SilentNight-poster SILENT NIGHT || The trailer for “Silent Night” proves that even if you have a film that is slightly off-the-wall, having a crisp, clean quality to your film makes it so much more accessible. Yet another slasher film, this time with a serial killer in a Santa suit, “Silent Night” stars Malcolm McDowell, as he hunts down the murder of those on the naughty list. It looks just sexy enough and ridiculous enough to work. STREAM
TrailerWar-poster TRAILER WAR || “Trailer War” looks ridiculously awesome, showing never-before-seen footage of outrageous trailers, referred to as a “exploitation compilation”. In lieu of the resurgence of the Grindhouse film, this follows right in those footsteps. STREAM
WalkAwayRenee-poster WALK AWAY RENEE || Hmmm. What can be said for a film whose trailer is 1/4 a handheld shot of clouds? PASS
WhatAMan-poster WHAT A MAN || A little to wacky (and German) for its own good, making it through the entire trailer for this romantic comedy is hard enough. PASS


  • The Collection
  • Killing Them Softly



  • Beware Of Mr. Baker
  • Ex-Girlfriends
  • King Kelly
  • Silent Night
  • Trailer War


  • Addicted To Fame
  • Back To 1942
  • California Solo
  • Crossroad
  • Dragon
  • Hecho en Mexico
  • The Mystical Laws
  • Parked
  • Universal Soldier: Day Of Reckoning
  • Walk Away Renee
  • What A Man

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