TED // Seth MacFarlane’s first feature film is a success, as Ted delivers innumerable laughs while keeping the entire outrageous plot believable. A step up from the haphazard plot structure of Family Guy, Ted takes on racy joke after joke, while occasionally delivering the timely cutaway scene that we know and love. Beneath all the laughs, there is still heart and some of the best parts of the film are the more touching and sincere moments between Mark Wahlberg and his childhood teddy bear.


THE BOURNE LEGACY // Jeremy Renner comes off much more an action star than Matt Damon and carries “The Bourne Legacy” excellently. Rachel Weisz and Edward Norton provide the perfect supporting cast, breathing a freshness into otherwise basic character-types. “Legacy” takes a step away from the complicated espionage and amnesia-racket from the prior films and goes for the basic survival story of two people against the government. With some perfectly timed surprise attacks and wonderful hand-to-hand combat from Renner, the only thing missing were more fight scenes.

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The Bourne Legacy
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Why Stop Now?

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  1. Taking over directorial duties from Paul Greengrass and making the step up from his previous screenwriting role, Tony Gilroy had a huge task in his hands, to take an already celebrated film series and continue its reign as one of the best in recent action cinema history. In truth,a change in focus certainly doesn’t do the film too many favours but in intertwining the story with previously covered events Gilroy is able to maintain an interest to series fans.

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