TEXAS CHAINSAW 3D || January 4th, 2013

ADarkTruth-poster A DARK TRUTH || Despite having an interesting cast (especially happy to see Kim Coates getting work), this story is everything but interesting, with a paint-by-the-numbers plot structure and very little for me to give a damn about. It’s sad to see such talented wasted on a rehash like this. PASS
TexasChainsawMassacre-poster TEXAS CHAINSAW 3D || Without a doubt, the best representation of the “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” since the original, “Texas Chainsaw 3D” not only revamps the themes from the original but completely turns the franchise into something new and exciting, hopefully leading to more films to follow, which is something I say very rarely in concerning horror remakes. During the trailer, there were small glimpses of this film’s potential, including a tracking, rack-focus shot of the leading lady, Alexandra Daddario, who is beyond sexy in this film, along with a well-framed wide shot of Leatherface in a buttoned up shirt and tie, revving his trademark chainsaw. Once the film began and Tobe Hooper, the original director, had a credit as executive producer, I knew I was in for a treat. The film surprises on all levels, always alluding to past themes, but never actually showing them, for example, the interrupted sex scene. Also, by twisting the story so that Leatherface becomes an anti-hero is beyond anything I could have dreamed for this franchise, and breathes new life into a series that was otherwise falling to the straight-to-DVD depths. With plenty of avenues to take from here, including a potential plot not so different from “House at the End of the Street”, I remain completely impressed with Lionsgate and director John Luessenhop in their ability to show me an effectively made horror remake.

56Up-poster2 56 UP || The Up Series is an extremely unique and thoughtful idea, in which director Michael Apted has been filming the same 14 people, every seven years, since they were seven years old, checking in with where they are at in life at that particular moment. Now 56, this is everyone’s chance to get on the train of the Up Series and see if and how it will continue over the course of our lifetimes. STREAM
Allegiance-poster ALLEGIANCE || Poor quality film. Melodramatic acting. And a faded hue to the picture. All reasons why this film is a bad idea. The cover of the film looks alright, but the film does not appear to match it what-so-ever, with a dismal showing from Bow Wow. PASS
AllSuperheroesMustDie-poster ALL SUPERHEROES MUST DIE || What could have been the next “Kick Ass” ends up being just another low budget wonder. Although James Remar looks to be at the top of his game, he’s showcasing it in the wrong film. I respect independent filmmakers and wish them the best, but I will not be supporting this one. PASS
ABottleInTheGazaSea-poster A BOTTLE IN THE GAZA SEA || Romeo and Juliet in Palestine? I do give this film credit for looking somewhat interesting, but when it comes to foreign films, I pick the ones I view fairly carefully and this one just doesn’t have enough going for it to make the cut. PASS
StruckByLightning-poster STRUCK BY LIGHTNING || “Struck By Lightning” actually looks fairly decent, with plenty of celebrities from all over the map combined into one glorious independent film. Led by “Glee” star Chris Coffer, along with every comedy’s punchline actress Rebel Wilson, along with “Modern Family’s” Sarah Hyland and “Mad Men’s” Christina Hendricks. Yes, I will see this film. Will it be good? That will have to be seen. But does the trailer do its job in selling the film? Indeed, it does. STREAM


  • Texas Chainsaw 3D



  • 56 Up
  • Struck By Lightning



  • Allegiance
  • All Superheroes Must Die
  • A Bottle In The Gaza Sea
  • A Dark Truth

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