Whether you believe Seth MacFarlane’s buddy comedy about a talking bear was nominated because Seth is hosting the Oscars this year is irrelevant, as the Best Original Song category has recently been in shambles anyhow. So, “Ted” getting nominated in this category is equal to “The Muppets” winning last year, and at least there are five nominees this year.

That being said, “Ted” getting nominated provides a great reason for a Seth MacFarlane performance at this year’s Academy Awards, if and when they decide to do performances again, for the nominated song. Also, it will be interesting to see if they can get Norah Jones (also a star in the film), to show up and contribute to the performance.

But will “Ted” win? With Adele’s Golden Globes win last night for her theme from “Skyfall”, my money is momentarily falling in line for that song. Also, being a musical, “Les Miserable” would also not be a surprise in taking the Best Original Song category. Which ever way it falls, this should be an interesting year with Seth MacFarlane not only hosting, but being nominated as well.


Seth MacFarlane’s first feature film is a success, as Ted delivers innumerable laughs while keeping the entire outrageous plot believable. A step up from the haphazard plot structure of Family Guy, Ted takes on racy joke after joke, while occasionally delivering the timely cutaway scene that we know and love. Beneath all the laughs, there is still heart and some of the best parts of the film are the more touching and sincere moments between Mark Wahlberg and his childhood teddy bear.

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// Produced by Scott Stuber, Seth MacFarlane, John Jacobs, & Jason Clark // Directed by Seth MacFarlane // Music: Walter Murphy • Lyrics: Seth MacFarlane //

// Dated Viewed: Sunday, January 13th, 2013 // BLU-RAY //  30 films – 44 days //



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