HERE COMES THE BOOM // A film lacking a distinct genre, “Here Comes the Boom” tries to be a heartfelt comedy, but more-or-less comes off like a goofy ploy to get UFC into a widely released film. While Kevin James looks and acts the part, it is hard to get behind any character in the film due to the ridiculous nature of the plot; a teacher becomes a UFC fighter to raise money for his school’s art programs. Though the film does achieve several heart-warming moments, that doesn’t change the fact that the rest of the film is filled in with lame, half-cocked ideas that hardly belong on the big screen (i.e. grown men getting hit in the head with yoga balls, food fights in Vegas, and public vomiting).


CELESTE AND JESSE FOREVER // Not only does “Celeste and Jesse Forever” launch two actors known for very specific performance types, it launches them in two much different fashions. Andy Samberg, known for his off-beat humor on SNL and unseen films like “Hot Rod”, takes a step towards the serious side, and it completely works. Rashida Jones, on the other hand, takes a step into the spotlight and proves that she can hang, both as an actress and as co-writer of the screenplay. The film itself is nothing new, but does develop in a way that makes you enjoy the characters, even the supporting ones. The humor is present, often in much needed moments of seriousness. Overall, the film evokes emotion in a real way, proving to satisfy both Indie audiences as well as those seeking mainstream romantic comedies.


FLIGHT // Denzel Washington delivers a heart-wrenching and spectacularly tortured performance as an alcoholic, yet extremely talented airplane pilot. With an intense opening act, involving an all-too-realistic plane crash, Zemeckis instantly grabs your attention and rarely lets go. “Flight” weaves a story so enthralling, one is never quite sure what will happen next, with expectations often toyed with, rocking back and forth from what you want to happen for the characters and what actually transpires. Don Cheadle and Bruce Greenwood offer up effective supporting performances, as does Kelly Reilly, who completely blows away, with an equally tormented performance, as a fellow addict and love interest. Though “Flight” is at times uneven, the overall appeal never fades and this becomes proof that Zemeckis should stick to live-action cinema.

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