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“The Longest Daycare” is a nice, wholesome, and complete story fit into a short. Depicting the character of Maggie Simpson, from the long running television series, as she faces a butterfly killing bully at daycare, this short also covers the range of emotions needed for connection.

The main problem I have with this short and its chances of winning, is that Matt Groening does this year in and year out, producing “The Simpsons” for over a decade now. So coming by creating a short does not show much of a huge leap in any technology and is really just them putting out another episode of “The Simpsons”, while “Paperman” and “Adam and Dog” are both original ideas coming from people that don’t do this day in and day out. That being said, this short looks radiant and comes across wonderfully, especially with the ultra-score produced by composer Hans Zimmer.

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// Produced by James L. Brooks, Matt Groening, Al Jean, Richard Raynis, & Richard Sakai // Directed by David Silverman //

// Dated Viewed: Monday, February 11th, 2013 // ONLINE STREAMING //  Short #5 of 15 //


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