Release Date
March 1, 2013
Chan-Wook Park
Wentworth Miller
Distributed By
Fox Searchlight Pictures
$12 million
Drama, Thriller
Rated R for disturbing violent and sexual content
98 minutes


“Stoker” is the perfect English debut from director Chan-wook Park. In this eerie thriller, Mia Wasikowska boldly plays a young woman named India, who is not only dealing with the loss of her father, but her insatiable mother, played by Nicole Kidman and the emergence of a distant uncle, Charlie, played brilliantly by Matthew Goode. Park displays his prowess with strong attention to detail, providing one of the most intense and creative sound designs I’ve ever experienced along with a keen eye for impeccable imagery. There is a strong sense of rhythm and punctuation in the film’s editing, with impressive transitions, coinciding with the film’s strong central cinematography.

“Stoker” is poetic, and like the piano parts played throughout the film, it is filled with highs and lows, crescendos and decrescendos, and is ultimately a study of perspective with which one little change can make the same series of events mean something completely different, to which we revisit constantly throughout the film. The performances are tight-knit, the production of the film is masterful, and Park now has the impossible task of topping his latest film.


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