OZ: THE GREAT AND POWERFUL || March 8th, 2013

OzTheGreatandPowerful-poster Aimed more at the younger generation, “Oz The Great and Powerful” lacks the humor and sophisticated nature that makes a film “fun for all ages”. The visuals are incredible and the females are attractive, but the adventure relies heavily on notions that are not entirely interesting. With repetitive dialogue, in that Franco’s character says “I’m not a wizard” what feels like one hundred times. Even though we probably won’t look back at this as a classic, it is still entertaining on the most basic of levels.

ABCsOfDeath-poster Containing a mixture of comedic, animated, otherworldly, and overal artistic representations, “The ABCs of Death” is still a positive step in bringing unknown filmmakers to a higher level while also bringing in (now) well knowns like Ti West (whose short is rather simple).
BeyondTheHills-poster I do not doubt the merit of this foreign film entitled “Beyond The Hills” about two women in love who are forced apart by one of their beliefs in God and the church. The cinematography looks worthwhile but the film itself is a bit too intense.
Broken-poster “Broken” looks like a sweet and sincere film, starring Tim Roth and Cillian Murphy. It depicts a young lady who’s innocence is tested after witnessing a neighbor beating a young, troubled man. The trailer is so well thought out, that I feel if I come across this film, I will not have a choice but to check it out. 25%


DeadManDown-poster “Dead Man Down” has a slow burn. Colin Farrell proves he can lead a film, playing the quiet, dark revenge seeker. Noomi Rapace continues to show her undeniable skill as an actress. Had “Dead Man Down” been a bit more mysterious, it could have been the best thriller of the year so far, but instead offers up some worthwhile performances all while staying quite average in plot and character development.
DontStopBelievin-poster What a truly unique story in the acquisition of Journey’s latest lead singer, a Filipino man coming from poverty who was found on YouTube. 25%


ElectrickChildren-poster2 Julia Garner was one of my favorite parts of “The Last Exorcism: Part II” and her naive nature in “Electrick Children” looks even more intriguing, as a Mormon set to be married who runs away with a rock band. Also starring Billy Zane and Rory Culkin, the visuals on this film look fantastic. 50%


Emperor-poster Tommy Lee Jones goes from “Men In Black 3” to “Lincoln” to another historical film in “Emperor”. He’s an Academy Award winning actor and he has his pick of projects, so when I see him in this post-WWII film, I am inclined to think it must be somewhat good. Matthew Fox also rounds out the cast, in this film about looking into the Emperor’s involvement during the war.


TheGirl-poster How much weight should be placed on a critic’s statement of “the best performance of Abbie Cornish’s career”? If even one person seems to think that, I am always intrigued enough to see the film and decide for myself. “The Girl”, involving illegal border crossing and the disappearance of a little Hispanic girl’s mother, the film also stars Will Patton, who is always good in his supporting roles, however the little girl screaming her lines keeps me from being excited about this film.


GirlRising-poster Perhaps it was the music (a female cover of the Bon Iver song “Skinny Love” or Florence + Machine’s “Shake It Out”) that gave me goosebumps, or the spectacular female voices accompanying the trailer, but this film looks inspirational and even if I’m not a female, I can empathize with them. This documentary muddles in several different directions, however, and contains reenactments that are not a selling point. 25%


GreedyLyingBastards-poster Having seen this trailer several times now, I am interested enough in the subject matter to eventually give it a shot. The fact that more and more documentaries are bringing the oil debate and global warming controversies to light is a glimpse into the future of activism. As generations before us fought for rights and freedoms, our generation will likely be fighting for our survival. The humor is present in this documentary, making it top my list of films to see.


TheMonk-poster2 Despite its Gothic nature, “The Monk” and its relations to religion are far from my interest sets. Vincent Cassell, though often a highlight, is not enough to carry a film. PASS
TheSilence-poster Also wanting to see “The Killing”, making a reference to that does get me intrigued. Two kidnappings occur on the same day, 23 years apart in a wheat field. Sounds interesting enough. If this film comes across my desk, I may have to check it out.


SomebodyUpThereLikesMe-poster I adore stupid, Wes Anderson-like comedies and “Somebody Up There Likes Me” looks like just that. I toyed with liking this trailer for a little bit, but the last bit about the boob job and panties is hilarious and I can only hope some of the rest of the film follows suit.



  • The ABC’s Of Death
  • Dead Man Down
  • Oz The Great and Powerful



  • Greedy Lying Bastards


  • Electrick Children
  • Emperor
  • Somebody Up There Likes Me


  • Broken (2013)
  • Don’t Stop Believin’: Every Man’s Journey
  • The Girl
  • Girl Rising
  • The Silence


  • Beyond The Hills
  • The Monk


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